NEW! Professor Berhanu Nega speech from Eritrea | Must Watch

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Ethiopia: NEW! Professor Berhanu Nega speech from Eritrea | Must Watch

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  1. Berhanu Chomma ! For how long this desperate Shabia agent fooling us just for collecting money
    from the vulnerable diaspora .
    Even if he want to leave Eritrea Esias will
    not let him go. At the last resort he would not even know who would kill him. Take my word I know Shabia well this would happen any time soon .
    They arrested Zemmene Kassie simply because he
    Was an Amara.

  2. Blinded by his lust for power and capitalizing on the support of Ethiopia’s arch enimies Egypt and Eritrea he is still dreaming that he can drail Ethiopia from its path of peace and development.He shall face justice soon.

  3. Dr. Berhanu keingdih betebela iqub lay
    gize banaxefa . Yemexaw hulu be Amara
    tikesha yemenged hilmu tesebroal .
    kine Lencho gar be Wolega bequl mokru .
    Amaraw EDU,EPRP,DERGUE agerun yawedemut
    tarik yemezegbwal. Enough is enough.
    Leave the Amhara people alone.

  4. Fekere and Fekadu,

    Professor Dr. Birhanu is not the same as the TPLF pinyless junks. He has secured, by his own effort, the economic wealth and social diginity which one may opt for in life. TPLF junks became traitors to secure food and other livelihoods.

    But like many other Ethiopians, TPLF’s all round destruction and human horror in Ethiopia made him restless.

    TPLF should be burried. May be its archaic supporters too.

  5. Rasdejen,

    If you are honest, you are absolutely naive and confused, and dreaming what is not there–may I say this is nothing but idiocy? Come on man/girl weak up. Berihanu is fake, who seems to be talented to deceive people like you. He is not capable of doing any thing good for anyone but he is capable to destroy what others have built. For example he has destroyed Kinejit. Now he is trying to destroy Ethiopia by working with Esayas (Eritrea) who is secretly or quietly work with TPLF. Remember, many times Sibat Nega has opernly said that TPLF is committed to defend Eritrea. What is Berihanu doing in Eritrea? Why is he only interested to work with groups who want to see Ethiopia destroyed. Why is he not even will willing to talk with Ethiopian patriots who are fighting to free Ethiopia from Woyanne? The fact is that he is fake, who cannot do anything constructive for anyone and even for himself. He is simply doing what he is doing now only for living. How long are you going to feed him for nothing and make fool of yourself? My advise: do not waste your time, energy and resources by supporting him any more- you have tried it and it did not work and will not work. Instead I appeal to you to support the other groups who are sincerely working tirelessly to build a better Ethiopia by removing Woyanne from power. I am not advising you to drop everything because of the failure of Berihanu (this is expected as he not real, but fake). Change your disappointment to energize yourself to support other Ethiopian fighters who have the ability to bring positive change.

  6. What an out rigorous
    lies a pack of lies. I call his fans to take him
    to Memehir Girma to pray
    for him and get cured.
    How on earth a human being
    lies for Ten years round – the – clock with the same
    tune ?

  7. Commenter below, Wow !
    You gave me my day. That
    is no Physician can deal
    his problem. Memihr Girma
    is the best option.

  8. Neamin wondatam iskemeche
    tewashto yinoral ?
    Wiyanen lemegafex biyans
    100 000 yeselexene tagay indemiyasfelg
    saywash begltse asredtonal .
    Thank you Neamin Zeleke .
    God bless !

  9. Thank you Zehabesha for facilitating this outstanding program. Thank you very much Dr. Berhanu Nega, the George Washington of Ethiopia, for your dedication, sacrifice and superb performance. Thank you patriotic ginbot 7 soldiers. You are our finest and best. We are eternally grateful for your sacrifice and hard work. There is no way to pay you back but I recommend the following.
    Every soldier that serves with Ginbot 7 and other genuine soldiers who fight for freedom and democracy should be entitled for the following, as long as they serve at least one year in the battle field, once the terrorist Ethiopian government is removed.
    1. 5-10 million birr bonus
    2. Free education for their family, including the soldier and spouse, from elementary to 4th year college in private/public for academic/vocational education
    3. If soldier is disabled or dies, his family will get 20 million birr
    This type of entitlement should serve as an excellent free fighters recruiting tool.

  10. KKKK.. Truth, although your G7 is slow to pick up, it has learnt something more from its role model TPLF. Now it is has its own version of EFFORT. What a wonderful creation of deception and beggary… That is how TPLF is plundering Ethiopia in the name of the Tigray people under the leadership of the pathological lair Azeb. They first said this compensation would be for a few year, but it is still going on after about 25 years. The G7 traitors are now coming with a new deceptive fictitious story and lies to milk the fools. The G7 people have done nothing to deserve anything from the Ethiopian people. Rather, when appropriate, they will be asked about their role in the death of Ethiopian patriots fighting Woyanne in Gonder. It is widely believed that they have been serving as informants for Woyanne to spot and kill many of these Ethiopian patriots. This has been documented and they will face justice for the crime they committed in the future. People like me will continue to inform our people about their treacherous acts and expose their crimes. Enough is enough.

    Nice try, Truth, but, I am afraid, it is not going to work this time around.

  11. Berhanu Nega.
    There is no dedication and sacrifice in you, but Zero performance cheat and loyality to enemies of Ethiopia. The good thing is, that the truth always prevails even if it takes time. It is so funny to hear the leaders of this fake opposition party these last few weeks, they do not even seem to talk to eachother Before they open their big mouth, So contradicting!!
    We have enough of MERZ Woyane/shabia. G7 is fighting for its survival, and my advice to Berhanu is to leave before they (shabia/woyane) get you.
    Tenasu Ye Ethiopia wedajoch hezbun agezut,teglun aketatlut.
    May god help the people of Ethiopia
    Ethiopia tekdem (First)

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