New Military Base for TPLF, “Dedebit Two” ???

Major Dawit Woldegiorgis on German Amharic panel discussion today claims that Egypt and Sudan are opening a military base in Afar for TPLF.
From a map, Sudan has no boundary with the Afar region of Eritrea and Ethiopia even if Sudan shares border with Ethiopia and Eritrea.
Dawit’s claim is the first  we heard of any attempt of regrouping TPLF fighters for a safe location within Ethiopia or any Afar land.
The geography of arid Afar can only be reached through Eritrea and Ethiopia and any attempt to supply arms, medicine and food is very unrealistic.
Dedebit which was the base of TPLF is located North West near Tekeze and logistics from Sudan was conducted at ease. Afar is North East.
Dawit’s “Dedebit 2” must be a TPLF propaganda Dawit bought and try to sale it underestimating our knowledge of the area.
A man who accused  Ethiopian leaders of not taking advice from regional experts like him should be challenged on the seriousness of the claim he made about the new base for TPLF.
Unfortunately the moderator gave him a pass and Ambassador Dina Mufti did not say anything.
Where is the new base of TPLF in Afar land created by Egypt and Sudan ?? It must be a base on German Amharic Radio even Tegaru has not announced the formation of such base
Tedla Asfaw
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  1. Caught red-handed. I also heard him saying it. Dawit is a serial liar and hatemonger.
    Thanks Tedla for bringing this to the public.

  2. “Dedebit two” military camp in Afar is said to be an insurance policy for the many of the former EPRDF high level officials who claim to be the now “reformed” Prosperity Party high level officials or the now reformed high level TPLF officials such as Samora Yunus , Azeb Mesfin and Arkebe Equbay, that is why it got the green light from Abiy Ahmed’s administration allowing it to get formed right under the noses of the Ethiopian federal military intelligence operatives who are officially claiming it to be reformed TPLF officials cotton farm development rather than a military camp.

    Many of the former actors such as Hailemariam Desalegn’s dirty secrets are going to come out at the TPLF Junta’s trial, the same is true for the majority of the previous high level EPRDF’s officials such as Tefera Walwa, Genet Zewde, AbaDulla Gemeda, Aster Mamo, Muktar Kedir, Shiferaw Shigute, Kumma Demekssa , Azeb Mesfin , Demeke Mekonnen , Gedu Andargachew and alike . These individuals don’t want to go down with TPLF that’s why they knowingly let Dedebit two get formed by giving a blind eye. If overwhelming evidences come out to incriminate the “reformed” previous EPRDF officials continued involvement including in the attack at the Northern Command ENDF base then these “reformed” individuals are preparing to run to Afar and join TPLF fighters to save themselves from paying for their crimes.

  3. He should have read that UK was sending a wrong information of their resource, garrissions and military capability to deceive Germans during the world war II. Dawit seems deceived by TPLF or he is deceiving us deliberately! If there is a new base for TPLF, it will certainly be close to Sudan or in Sudan proper.

  4. TPLF need access to sudan if it ever contemplates setting up dedebit 2. However they do not have the stomach to do such a thing again. the woyane bandits did not set out to ‘ liberate’ tigrai , in the first place, when they started the so called guerilla war to liberat tigrai in the 1970s. All they wanted was money , power and fame. This has proved to be the case now. If they wanted to ‘liberate’ or separate tigrai from ethiopia they have had the chance to do it in the last 27 years. they did not do it, because that was not their aim. Once they marched to Menelik’s palace that was the end of the journey for them. It was time to loot and plunder ethiopia and kill as many people as they could to maintain their corrupt way of life and to satisfy their unsatiable appetite for looting and enriching themselves. tplf sacrifoced many thousands of tigre people on false promises by claiming that they would liberate them. shame.,

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