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New conflict looms in Ethiopia’s Tigray province

Human Right Watch
July 6, 2021

Hundreds of thousands of displaced people face famine; another search and rescue vessel detained by Italian port authorities; torture in eastern Ukraine; homophobic protests stop Pride march in Georgia; Hungarian judge forced to quit for questioning legality of country’s asylum law; Hungary’s Victor Orbán listed as “predator of press freedom”; few Afghan women optimistic about the country’s future; and justice at last for murdered Honduran environmental activist.

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Insurgent forces in Ethiopia’s Tigray province seem to be mobilising for new conflict despite the government’s unilateral declaration of  a ceasefire. With its headquarters in the country’s capital Addis Ababa, the African Union should have been at the forefront of efforts to condemn and curb the mounting abuses. Its silence and inaction are troubling. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people who have been displaced by the conflict have little or no access to food.

Hundreds of lives of refugees are being lost in the central Mediterranean Sea while search-and-rescue vessels are detained, warns Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), as the Geo Barents becomes the latest NGO ship to be held by Italian port authorities.

Russia-backed armed groups in eastern Ukraine are torturing and ill-treating people in custody. Many detainees, among them women with serious health conditions, are being held incommunicado, and without access to a fair legal process or proper medical care.


  1. Great to Ethiopian people!!!! However, it is a tragedy that what a mess & sabotage are committed by USA & Arab league. Really it is a shame. Instead of supporting and making side with TPLF junta who plans to destroy Ethiopia, why not do things fairly and support Ethiopian people. Always they are doing against Ethiopian people interest. Since they are driving UN members to make any sanctions , thanks to God and honest Ethiopian alies Russia & China, truth prevail always. History is repeated again for remembering so called League of nations on supporting Italian invasion at that time. So USA gov’t to think again and again for the mess they are doing. All medias igniting the situation, like BBC, CNN, Reuters etc shall to take care. Why they didn’t propagate fott TPLF crimes, genocide, etc. They are not fair & violate ethics of free press. Shame of their activities.

    This is Ethiopian Renaissance time.
    Long live to Ethiopia!!

  2. Why TPLF had been ignored/tolerated/appeased/aided while they were looting, torturing and killing the Ethiopian people for over 45 years is beyond me to understand. The cry now about Tigray and the call for the Eritrean military as well as the Amhara militia to withdraw among other things, ignores the fact that they are defending self from the killing machine of the TPLF. Western powers unabated involvement with the current crisis tells me something is at work other than what we are being feed by the so called free press. If it is to avoid war and famine I applaud their effort. But, I am afraid that is not their objective.
    For any outsider to understand the current situation in the Northern part of Ethiopia, they have to trace the history of the TPLF and search the truth as to why the current conflict in the first place started. The very name of TPLF always is attached with war and atrocities and disappearances of people. They have done enormous harm against the Ethiopian people. They are a bunch of corrupts who cry for the freedom of the Tigrean people while they are putting the same people under the yoke of slavery. For those foreign press who are writing about the suffering of the Tigrean people, please go there and observe the situation and see for yourself. Do not be hoodwinked by paid agents of the TPLF and naïve journalists who are simply echoing TPLF’s fabrications and simulated acts that are far from the truth what is being observed on the ground. Go there and see for yourself. Things are much worst than what you are reporting. I hope we will hear and read the true nature of the TPLF, which is a killing machine and a mafia group that makes the suffering of our people unbearable. The true nature of the TPLF is killing and looting that is why they can’t abide by the cease fire. Without carrying a gun and fomenting violence they know they can not last one night in Tigray. Human rights watches report confirms their twisted mind and ruthless nature of the TPLF. I dare to say they will continue to kill and loot until their last breathe. That is who they are! You do not believe this? Wait and see!

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