Never Again In Jigjiga Relief Association (NAJRA)

WASHINGTON, DC, August 17, 2018 /Press Release/

  • Never Again In Jigjiga Relief Association (NAJRA) has launched its fundraising platform to raise money for an emergency relief Program to assist victims of the recent conflict that affected thousands of civilians in the Somali Regional capital of Jijiga, Ethiopia.
  • The emergency relief program is aiming at raising $100,000.00 and planning is underway to provide emergency relief assistance for up to 15,000 civilians, including the elderly and children who are sheltering at St. Michael Church and other shelters in Jigjiga town.

Never Again In Jigjiga Relief Association (NAJRA) is a registered not-for-profit association established by friends of Jigjiga from different parts of the country. NAJRA is committed to alleviate the suffering of the conflict victims and improve their living conditions by providing them with food, water, temporary shelter, sanitation facilities, clothing, household items and educational materials.

Through its committed and experienced team who will be working very closely with the community on the ground, NAJRA will ensure that the urgently needed aid will reach the beneficiaries on time. To further facilitate the relief work and avoid duplication of activities, NAJRA will coordinate its program with other actors that are engaged in similar emergency programs.

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In order to acquire the required funding, NAJRA team members are tasked with promoting their cause, spreading the word over social media and mobilizing the Ethiopian community and other humanitarian individuals/organizations and organizing a fundraising event.

All are invited to participate in this life saving effort by making generous donations on the following accounts:

Bank of America CHECKING ACCOUNT Number                                  2260 0240 5788

 ACH Routing Number                                                                            054001204

 Title on Account                     NEVER AGAIN JIJIGA RELIEF ASSOCIATION    

You can also donate on gofundme for NEVER AGAIN JIJIGA RELIEF.

call  @763-2914172,571-2247796 and 202-3455603

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