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Netsanet Le Ethiopia Radio Interview With Professor Ezekiel Gebissa

Netsanet Le Ethiopia Radio Interview With Professor Ezekiel Gebissa

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  1. ፕሮፈሰሩ ኣቁማቸው የወላዋይነት ጠባይ ጎልቶ ይታይባቸዋል ። በኢንተርቪው ውስጥ ሁላችንም ‘ኢትዮጵያዊዎች’ ነን ሲሉ ተሰምተዋል።
    ታዲያ ኢትዮጵያዊ ከሆኑ በቅርቡ ከመሩት የኣትላንታ ‘ የኦሮሞ ስብሰባ’ መግለጫ ሲያወጡ የሀገሪቱዋን ባንዲራ አውቅና ሳይሰጡ ;የጎሳ ፖለቲከኞች ያወጡትን ባንዲራ አያውለበለቡ፣ የሀገሪቱዋን ብሄራዊ ቁንቁዋ ትተው በአንግሊዝኛ አና በኦሮሚኛ መግለጫ ሲሰጡ ድርጊታቸው ለኢትዮጵያ ታማኝነትን/ allegiance / ነው የሚያሳየው ወይስ ክህደትን ነው ?
    ኣንዱ ጠያቂ አንዳሉት ሁሉ አሳቸው አና ጎደኞቻቸው የሚሰሩት ለህዝብ ልአልና ሳይሆን በረቀቀ መንገድ ያለውን ስርኣት ለማቆየትና የህዝቡን ትግል ከፋፍሎ አና ኣዳክሞ ማዳፈን ነው ።
    በሰውየውና በጠያቂዎቹ መሀከል ያለው የግንዛቤ ልይነት የሰማይ አና የምድር ነው።ምስጋናዬ ይድረሳችሁ!
    ከሰውየው መልስ ጥያቄኣችሁ ኣረካኝ! I am proud that Ethiopia has got true sons and daughters who have unwavering allegiance to their mother land . May God bless you all.
    ወገኔ ፣ የተማረ የተመራመረ አያልን አራሳችንን ኣናሞኝ ፣ ተምሮ ለሀገር የሚበጅ ኣለ ; ባንጻሩ አውቀቱን ለሚያሳፍር ተግባር የሚሸጥ ኣለ ፈረጆች / Intellectual prostitute/ የሚሉት ማለት ነው።
    ስለዚህ ሰውን ስንገምት በጠለጠለው ሜዳሊያና PHds ሳይሆን በተግባሩ ብቻ መሆን ኣለበት።

  2. I question the purpose of the interview of these openly, self declared betrayers of the motherland, Ethiopia?
    I haven’t and will not listen to the interview nor the radio station!!
    Thanks but no thanks for allowing these traitors, spit their venom through the radio!!!

  3. Both Zega and Mesfin are two big time dimwits! Prof. Ezekiel is an Oromo nationalist and his world views are tempered by culture and ethos of Oromo society.If u were expecting him to glorify the Ethiopia of your fantasy and imagination, his response to the listing audience is, apparently, a rude-wakening!
    In this day and age, an Oromo who praises the history, culture and corrupted values of “emiye Ethiopia” must be an ‘uncle Tom” or just in a state of confusion about contemporary history of the struggle of Oromo nation.

    intolerant folks with deficient judgement will always complain the level loyalty displayed by the subject peoples of the Empire, hopefully, the New generation of Amhara and Oromo Youth who are allied against the Tigre cabal will transcend the historic mistakes of the older generation and will be victorious in their struggle.

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