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“Need” Always Keeps “Hate” In Its Pocket like a “Knife”

Getachew Reda
Many of you heard or read news that the hateful Ibsaa Guutama walked out of the Boston meeting aiming to reconcile the two factions (that of Daoud Ibsa and the ” moderate” Kemal Gelchu and Hassan faction. The OLF’s Skinhead (Ibsaa Guutama) wrote hateful article against Ethiopia and its people to back/support the head of the OLF Skinhead (Daould Ibsaa) and condemn the others.

*Note_ (I can’t assure you that Kemal Gelchu (X TPLF/EPRDF General) and his other friends are moderate, but my gut tells me that they wear same Helmet as the above Skin Heads. My concern is not here Kemal or Hassan as moderate or not to compare with the known OLF Skinheads, the issue for all of you to ask is “ where is the moderate OLF of Daoud that Berhanu is talking about!? We now found out from their Boston meeting that Berhanu Nega’s Daoud= Ibsa. Not only Daud =Ibsa, but the Skinhead Ibsa is telling the OLF gang bangers that “it is the duty of nationalists OLF to go out and destroy Ethiopian people as whole!” May I precisely quote his word Ladies and Gentlemen? Here is the precise word what this retarded old man is teaching OLF gang bangers should do to Ethiopia and Ethiopians

“Neither democratized Ethiopia nor independent Republic of Oromiyaa will be realized unless the empire is dismantled.” (By Ibsaa Guutama-

Here you go Ladies and Gentlemen! This is the kind of OLF brain that Berhanu Nega, Ethio Media, , Abay Media, Abugida, Ecadef, Addis Voice are telling us on their websites OLF deserve to be called “POLITICAL ORGANIZATION” . I already told you several times, the above deluded opposition websites are part of the conspiracy that OLF is getting an open door to spread its terror of propaganda against Ethiopia.

OLF is not political organization as these collaborator opposition websites are trying to fool you. OLF is purely criminal entity headed by handful hateful elements that are giving you a clear signal over and over that a person like Ibsaa Guutama is ejaculating his emotion of hate to dismantle Ethiopia and its people. How gross and mentally sick one could be to openly write to say,-

“Neither democractized Ethiopia nor independent Republic of Oromia will be realized unless the empire is dismantled”!

He is not even looking or demanding independent “Republic Oromia”, he is looking at dismantling, murdering Ethiopians, eliminating Ethiopian population before his foggy and crazy dream of Oromia Republic is fulfilled. Didn’t I tell you OLF are outdated and retarded? How could someone take this man in this modern century as normal person let alone politician?

Many of you, my readers might think this man and his followers understand the consequence in the political and legal term, the language, the word they use when they project their hate against 80,000,000 people of Ethiopia using words such as “DISMANTLING/MURDERING/ELIMINATING”:- no, they don’t understand it, hate gives them pleasure, because their consciousness is alienated from their emotions – they don’t understand the language of their emotions, they don’t know what their emotions are saying by their very existence. They take enormous satisfaction from their hate but it is unconscious.

I don’t recall who wrote the following part that I will quote for you below, but it is interesting. Read:- “We can see that many people are addicted to the euphoria of hate just by how much hate they produce when they are talking about other people/country, how often they are murdering people psychologically – by talking about others without taking into consideration their interests as if they were not human beings at all. Hateful actions don’t just suddenly start – they are usually prepared by a psychological warming up in a form of giving ourselves to hateful emotions. Before we target other people physically we target them emotionally. That is what extremism is all about!”

This is exactly what I am talking to you about. Ibsaa Guutama as you read him above unless Ethiopia dismantled (entire population Murdered/eliminated/disappeared) he will not find himself in power to run ethnic cleansing all over the East Africa in the foggy dream of his own upcoming Republic of Oromia. For Ibsa to run project of hate against Ethiopian population is not a psychological warming up he has done it during the Derg era as Derg official, he has done it as TPLF/EPRDF official. He is one of the leading responsible criminals of the hateful OLF officials that committed ethnic cleansing against Amhara peasants and workers. Therefore, for Ibsa Guutama to ejaculate his hate from his home in New York is not new but he is praying for legal trouble.

Why the politically bankrupted OLF leaders are into such hate business is known to most of us. They are trying to build their 45 years of low esteem by spreading hate and terror. Hate is self-aggrandizing, self-elevating. Hate, murder, dismantling population and country is what is left for OLF business instead of civilized political dialogue. They failed over 40 years to show us civilized politics. Instead they practiced mercenary mission, ethnic cleansing, killing, insulting/deceiving and terror. OLF failed miserably to play the game of modern politics, what it chose is hate, and hate is the simplest and the cheapest strategy of self-aggrandizement known to human species. It is sad that after all those years OLF still can’t think more than dismantling and killing! They are stuck! This modern world is too though for OLF to deal with, therefore, they stuck with their tool of terror and hate. We know what hate does to the object that holds it. Don’t we?

It is the very crime itself, to fool the Nintendo Wii Fit game addicted youths in America who never experienced how horrible war could be if one trying to dismantle a country of 80,000.000 population in it, selling them a T Shirt of “Oromo Republic” to wear in which the leaders themselves refuse to lead the fight! It is indeed a classic type of deceit that these criminals should have been in jail for fooling ill informed Oromo young kids.

Let me give you one more of Ibsa hate and conclude. Ibsa in his last week hate article after he walkout from Boston he wrote “forgetting the Oromo saying “Eat with the alien, but swallow turning to your kin. With the empire’s demise, all countries will return to their owners.” This is the worst ignorant, backward thinking, racist teaching one can gamble with the fate of a new generation of Oromo at this computer age where not only Ethiopians but all world population, regardless language differences interact with marriage, culturally, politically, technologically, and economically as one world family not seen as alien as the OLF Skin Head Ibsaa want to hate anyone out of Oromo ethnic.

You see, he doesn’t trust any human being; he doesn’t want to eat and entertain with anyone apart his skin, he hate to interact with human fellow but only with his skin kind. To hate means to feel and to state that I am above the one whom I hate. For Ibsa Guutama, to hate means to be sure that he will be able to destroy whom he hate, because his hate suggests to him that he is stronger just by the very fact of experiencing hate. Because Ibsa and his bankrupted organization is so shameful and frustrated for over 40 years, if foaming hate against 80,000,000 he thinks that hate is hierarchical feeling, because to put object down means to put the subject up, which is TERA JILAJIL premature MEDEDE individual I have ever encounter in this era of politics. Just hate somebody, and you will feel great and optimistic and will believe in your future and your victory over the world is what Ibsa is teaching young Oromo kids here in America. He doesn’t realize that by hating and teaching to dismantling 80,000,000 populations is a crime of hate.

So, when OLF is telling us clearly that it is going to dismantle our country Ethiopia and our family in it, you know you are not going to get no love or respect from us or soften our heart: we only count you as Bin Laden of Ethiopia whose aim is reigning terror against 80, 000,000 population to dismantle it. We understand that need is tough when you can’t get it. It can be despotic to mind, they say any need is despotic, “need always keeps hate in its pocket like a knife”. But hate doesn’t need to be needed – it is always there. OLF need to stay away from talking murdering or dismantling 80,000,000 population, to wage war to the extent of dismantling a country and its habitat is terror, and sooner or later it is calling legal and political trouble. A group that failed to learn politics after 40 years needs a thoroughly and painstakingly self checking examination.Examination-seriously!

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