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Nagesso Wakeyo on Ethiopia Unity | Video

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  1. The phony glamour TPLF was feeding our people has become stale and boring. The improvement of infrastructure and other government and civilian outlets are structured to serve the unsatisfying appetite of the TPLF echelon, not the Ethiopian people. We have tolerated their rubbish for a quarter of a century. It is time for that to end.
    What TPLF has done on the Ethiopian people is simply criminal and taken out of the Mafia manifesto. They have divided us along ethnic and linguistic lines telling us we are free and at the same time to purge everyone that does not belong in that zone. The people of the world are becoming more nomadic than settlers. In other words, human relationship is more temporal and permanency is becoming a rare character of humans. This completely transcends political boundaries, ethnicity and language. Human relationship has become transience. The idea of lining up along ethnic and language bounds is simply to create a spineless and faceless human being to server the gun toting master of the time. Under this scenario you have one choice “to conform or die”. It’s because of this where the Ethiopian people chose to fight and die than to be a slave of a small narrow minded ethnic government.
    I am very encouraged to see our brothers and sisters from every walk of life working together to alleviate the suffering of our people regardless of the fences that are set to divide us by the TPLF government. It very important, being one is our strength. Division among us opens the door to our enemies to manipulate and exploit our weakness without any remorse what so ever. So let us wise up and continue to be vigilant and work as one to stop the bloodshed and suffering of our people.

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