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Must Watch Video : Just another day in Ethiopia, TPLF’s brutality caught on camera

Just another day in Ethiopia, the regime soldier’s brutality against Oromo students caught on camera

Read Aloud:   An Interview with Dr Negasso Gidada (SBS Australia Amharic program)


  1. the regime solders are more brutal and deadly criminals than any known in our history of dictatorship…so why choose to con cat with white solders…or they have mercenaries now?

  2. I think TPLF infiltrators are everywhere. this is a deliberate TPLF’s PR video to discredit and undermine the popular upraise. Please double check before you post some news. By doing this you are simply helping the fascist regime. Simply you are telling the world that all the brutality the world had seen about Ethiopia is a lie like this video.
    death to TPLF and Banda’s

  3. Ok, thanks for correcting the video. you can now disregard my comment, including this one. thanks. BTW: i’m from Tigrai and my support for the death of the fascist Banda TPLF.

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