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Read Aloud:   Why I'm coming back home to Ethiopia after 16 years in exile

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  1. The argument is interesting. Woyanae will not leave no stone unturned to give advantage to the people of Tigrai. However, I feel this report only focuses on the Amhara Region and not the rest of the country. Also, one flow that I was able to observe from the graph on Bekur News paper is that the total number of schools that fulfill the required standard in the Amhara Region should be 38.55% and not 18.1%. This makes the rather inflammatory report suspect and only meant to fan animosity than trying to address ways of solving the problem. The educational standard of the country took a nose-dive during the Dergue era. Even then this has not stopped children of calling from succeeding. Woyanae cannot stop such children be they Amhara, Oromo, Gurage, Anuak, etc. Don’t forget during Atse Haile Selassie’s regime Ethiopians from various parts of the country, with less educational facilities, have beat the odds and have taken positions of prominence nationally and globally. I am afraid we Amharas are just wallowing in anger. Come on guys it is up to us to make the difference through being proactive and taking action to improve the educational standards of the Nation. There are plenty of educated Ethiopians around who can make a big difference to the educational system of not only the Amhara but the nation at large.

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