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MUST WATCH: Neamin Zeleke’s New York Speech on Ethiopiawinet, Ethiopian Unity and the struggle of AG7

MUST WATCH: Neamin Zeleke Speaks In Defense of Ethiopiawinet and Ethiopian Unity | New York 2017

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  1. Ayeee YeChegerew Erguz Yagebal Alu. Look at the audience behind the speaker clowns picture on the wall, the chairs are empty speaking to ghosts, few camera crew clapping? I actually felt sorry for General Neamin, poor guy trying too hard.

    The point is, we have been hearing the same old song for centuries, it has not solved a thing, meantime the poor population on the ground, are suffering miserable day to day life. The irony is, G7 leadership including Berhanu worked with woyane regime that promotes ethnic federalism. Now G7 is working with Shabiya regime that made Ethiopia landlocked country. Right now, there is reality on the ground, Amhara people are targeted, they are not targeted because they are Ethiopians, they are targeted because they are Amharas.

  2. Ethiopia without justice, and freedom is suffocating, that is what Neamin meant,
    Denkoro hula. who are you anyway, hiding behind screen, fesam Woaynes hula

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