Must Watch: Hidden Truth about Ethiopian National Defense Force

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Must Watch: Hidden Truth about Ethiopian National Defense Force

Read Aloud:   ESAT Daily News April 09, 2013


  1. Mr. Colonel, first of all, the Woyane shouldn’t have employed a deadly enemy like you to work for eprdf govt. As a matter of fact, if justice should have been served, you and your likes should have ended up in jail for the rest of your lives. By the way, did you forget the mass killings and massacres you have committed against the people of Ethiopia in general and the people of Tigray in particular? For heaven sake, did you forget your criminal and evil slogan of 1979-81 (ETC), which read “in order to catch the fish we must dry the sea” and by doing that you massacred 2,500 people of Houzien in a market day(Eastern Tigray)? The people of Ethiopia and specially the people of Tigray will never ever forget it. It is amazing how a thick-skinned and evil spy you should have been to survive hidden for solid seventeen years without being exposed. Now, to the dismay of many of us, you are accusing the incumbent for maintaining the few gallant forces of the eprdf who through their sacrifices freed Ethiopia and the people of Ethiopia at large from the treacherous jaws of the brutal regime of the Derg. Mr. Col, you should have told us the truth and witnessed about the gallant freedom fighters who were made to retire for the noble cause of establishing a new army composed of all Ethiopian nations and nationalities instead. You didn’t forget, did you, that the eprdf had to retire 60% of its army in a bid to redress the wrongs of the past with right. Your rhetoric and false accusation would only show your frustration and greedy/insatiable thirst for power. Trust me, as dead meat as you are, you (chauvinists) will remain snuffling in a world of deep dream until you go to rest in peace. Shame on you.

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