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Must Listen: Hiber Radio Presents Actvist Achameleh Tamiru & Dr Teshome Mogese on Adwa Victory

Must Listen: Hiber Radio Presents Actvist Achameleh Tamiru & Dr Teshome Mogese on Adwa Victory

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  1. Dear Habtamu at hiber radio,

    I like to express my sincere appreciation for this interview you have conducted with the two Ethiopians guests; Achamyeleh Tamiru one of our modern times young articulate and Dr Teshome. It is wonderful to listened to such a matured discussion and very educational from both.

    In particular the young activist Achamyeleh exposed the Ethiopian lazy historians who have been in a long deep sleep up on their history. I may say that he must have woke them up in shock wave when especially said ” …menelik was not and never invaded East to West or North to South and nor he signed an agreement between Italy and Ethiopia in regards of Eritrea but it was done deal by Emperor Yohannes when he was Emperor of Ethiopia after his death by Alula and Mengesha.

    Therefore, this generation have the right to know the truth about their country past. Truth should be told.

    Many thanks compatriots and thank you Acham for standing tall with knowledge and defending your forefather’s true history based on factual evidence.

  2. Dear Habtamu.
    I like to thank you again about this interview on 4/3/2017 with Tamiru and Teshome.

    In the the interview you made me smile alone when I listened to your remark saying ” TPLF has employed considerable number of low life individuals to spread its dirty and racist ideology through the social media communications”.


  3. Achamyeleh Tamiru should be held accountable for delivering every regionally and racially biased trash writings as evidences. For example, on his current face book page he said Belay Zeleke was subjected to hanging after proper court order. Can we say Professor Asrat and many others, who died in filthy Woyane prisons were subjected to torture and other forms of suffering through proper court order?

    Dear Achamyeleh Tamiru

    On the surface, you appear a better evidence- based commentator on social media than many other commentators. However, you have fundamental and deep rooted problem in assessing the weight of evidences. You deliver any piece of old writings that support your claim as evidences. Mind you! Just like today, some writers in the past were liars, phony, biased, regionalist and racists. Therefore, do not assume the old trash papers that you post on your face book page were written by just and honest people. The just and honest people were systematically killed, imprisoned or bridled not to talk. Most of the time, only the rulers sympathizers were allowed to speak and write. Even “Fikir eske mekabir” was recalled after it was published.

    Furthermore, it appears you consider evidences imbedded in the societies’ culture such as songs, Mishoes, shillelas , kerertos and so on inferior evidences compared to the trash writings that you post. You give more weight to a writer (that could be outstanding liar, biased or racist) than society. In other words , for you writers are more reliable and trustworthy than society. For you, societies’ daily practices and vivid cultural experiences have to come in print format to be considered as evidences. Shame!
    I think your fundamental problem in understanding hierarchy of evidences lead you to a bizarre and fatal conclusion that Belay Zeleke was subjected to hanging after proper court decision, and yet the fool society have been singing wrong songs about his hanging for many decades. Achamyeleh! Do not you know CHRISTOS was also subjected to hanging after “proper” court proceedings? Are the liturgies and the church songs that we sing about Christos’s hanging wrong too? Do not you know thousands of Ethiopians are languishing in jail after “proper” court decision TODAY?

    Please do not post those fake court proceedings and try to preach us that the courts during that era were just. Tell us other JUST leaders in the world, who hanged heroes that defended their countries from foreign invaders? If there was justice during that era (as you tend to preach us), why people revolted? May be people did not like justice or because they were brain washed by “leftists”(whatever that means), whom you blame and accuse every time you wake up from bed?

    It is only you (as far as I know), who loudly justifies the hanging of Belay Zeleke and claims that society has been singing the wrong songs about his hanging. This justification and claim of you about the hanging of Belay Zeleke is similar to the FERISAWINAs justification and claim about the hanging of CHRISTOS. As their bizarre justification will continue to haunt FERISAWIAN forever, your bizarre justification will continue to haunt you until you requested forgiveness from that HERO and the society that sings about him.

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