(Must-Watch) ETV mistakenly airs unedited interrogation video of Abubeker Ahmed – Ethiotube

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(Source: ethiotube.net)


  1. The so called investigators put their words into the mouth of the detainee; it is very saddening to watch this! Is this a government that protects its citizens? My heart bleeds for this guy and for the whole of our fellow citizens. I cannot say how sorry I am watching this!!!

  2. This is really sad. This is typical a foreign colonizer does on colonized people.

    It was much better to bomb all this Tigrain TPLF instead of suffering under this evil people.

  3. Mr. Teshome, your guys are leading this country to hell instead of backing down on their habsh imposition campaign. I don’t why you TPLFites don’t understand the simple reality that for Ethiopians their religion is why they live at the first place. You just can not forcefully give away their mosques to groups they dont want. You cant name their leaders, especially by importing some foreign thing. Tell your “smart” bosses to stop this madness.

  4. betam yemigerim video new..yihim video yeyamelekitew betikikilim qigni gizat (under colonize)mehonachin bicha sayihon yemirdetachin dereje yemiyamelekit new.
    widi ethiopian enie lerasie kale gebichalehu .yihim hageran kewerari netsa lemawitate .enantus ?
    ethiopia lezelalem tinur

  5. We think that they put this interrogation on purpose. Not by mistake. If they had put interrogation while they were torturing him, that could be by mistake. However, this one is good for them to show the World that their interrogation is peaceful, and civilized.Wake up!! people.Tigre Woyanes are evil. We have to do something about it united.

  6. ay weyane atefered yiferedebehal yemibalewn yawuqu yihon enezih dedeboch !
    Enanten ayderegegn ! yihechy ken zenebel yalech endehone ! ayiqerem degimo !
    enetefafatalen enjy endezih eyarachihu atenoruwatem.

  7. what a sad …. shame on woyane. Mengistu Hailmariyam did the right thing when he bomb tigriy. it is shame to call tigriyan people are Ethiopians. they are devel /seytan/. they don’t have nothing from Ethiopia.

  8. Guys I am not Muslim and I don’t have any reason to love or hate them. But i hate the government’s officer who is abusing the guy and his power. Shame on the interrogator. You see how rude this puppy TPLF cadere is. He must be either from Agazi bergede of from civil service college commonly known as dingay mamirecha.
    Are they intimidating him or asking him a legitimate questions ? What ever they did it is unprofessional. You see the Wayne justice? Shackel on his hand even before he is proven guilty.

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