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Must Watch: Concerned Ethiopian woman sends open message to the Ethiopian government

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  1. እህት በቃልሽ የልቤን በእውነት ነው ያነበብሺው። ስንቶች በበረሓ ገድለው እንዳይበቃቸው ከተማ ገብተውም ቀጠሉበት፣ ለዚሂም የእሱር ቤት ባላባት ሓሰን ሸፋ፣ ታደሰ መሰረት ምስክሮች ናቸው። ትምክህተኞችና ጠባቦች ሃገራችን በጣጠስዋት። እግዝሔር ከዚህ ሁሉ መዓት ያውጣን።

  2. NO DICTATORS OVER GIVE UP THEIR POWER WITHOUT PREACHING THAT “IF WE DO NOT RULE THIS NATION,THERE WILL NOT BE THIS NATION ANY LONGER” A few recent examples are Sadam Hussein,Ghadaffi,Mubarek,And Now A bay Tsehay TPLF Mafia boss telling us,If TPLF Will not remain in Power Ethiopia will be disintegrated,It’s just i. Dictators PSYCH to be live that their way is the only way,They all preach the same threatening comments right towards their ends,
    So Sister If our demand falls in the defending TPLF blood thirsty mafia bosses it’s not the first and will not be the last either,One thing is true TPLF Ethno-Apartheid system id rejected by all Ethiopians of All ethnics and religion followers and they can not rule that NATION by killing all their oppositions for demanding Justice,the rule of law and democracy,without a doubt ETHIOPIA AND ETHIOPIANS WILL BE FREE FROM TPLF BRUTAL AND BARBARIC RULERS

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