Must watch!! Dr Tesfaye Demelash on Amhara Revolution

Must watch!! Dr Tesfaye Demelash on Amhara Revolution

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  1. He raised valuable points many of which are too complicated for ordinary people, this is why academics are not good political leaders. The lady doctor also too paranoid of woyane, she doesn’t have clue how politics works, she said Amharas should not play victimhood, she thinks politics is maths. we all know about woyane agents, they are everywhere, but to be paranoid of everyone, which means you fall for woyane trap. Tamagn is not academic but more related to ordinary people, he speaks their language. one of the reasons why political parties split, most of the leadership are doctors and professors, they see the world from academic points of view, life should not be too complicated. Amhara people have been targeted, this is not exaggeration, it is a fact, this is not playing victimhood. The evidence is there on the ground.

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