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Mr. William Davison, Are You the White TPLF?

Dear Mr. Davison:

unnamed 3In the September 18, 2021 “Inside Edition”  show of Aljazeera, I heard you talking about what you call “Western Tigray” and a sort of justifying the Tigray People Liberation Front’s (TPLF) brutal killings of innocent Amaras in Northern Gondar.

If you have not locked your conscience in a closet, no other foreign journalist knows about how evil TPLF  is as much as you know. If you are not fighting against the truth and history, you have witnessed that TPLF massacred and tortured thousands of innocent citizens to stay in power and rob the whole Ethiopia for nearly three decades. You know  TPLF sterilized Amara girls and hung water bottles on the testicles of imprisoned men. You know TPLF sowed the seeds of ethnic hatred, and boasted  it is capable of making different ethnic groups burn each other like grass and fire.

Mr. Davison,  have you ever seen a mafia group whose evil acts supersede that of Satan other than TPLF in your life as a journalist?

Mr. Davison, why are you preaching to the world about “West Tigray”, a region which has never been documented in history until TPLF snatched the fertile land from Amaras and annexed it to Tigray about 28 years ago to establish the Greater Tigray Republic? I am sure you know all about this theft, but you are confusing the world like Tedros Adhanom and other TPLF members.

 Perhaps, Mr. Adhanom may have to do it because he is one of  the black leaders of TPLF. Are  you one of the white leaders of TPLF, Mr Davison?


Lemma Dinka


  1. TPLF has an army of foreign Agents mainly in the UK and the US. These agents have been paid staggering amount of money (by TPLF when it was in power and now) stolen from the Ethiopian poor. So it is the case of dogs protecting their feeders. These agents have supported the evil TPLF from their inception. Mr Davison is one of these crooks.

  2. For get about it , it ls long exposed , ost cause . Organization such as ICG ( International Crisis Group) baed in Nairobi which I the likes of William Davidson, Mat Briden et al. are affiliated has been in the pockets of the Woyane and were conduit for CIA and lobbyists for decades . It is not secrets anymore. According to Farah Macalin ,the seasoned former Kenyan-Somali Parliamentarian,, they were used to destabilize Somalia and Eritrea and now Ethiopian. They are nothing more than neo colonial foot soldiers masqerading as a regional/,internationali experts , do gooders and concerned humanitarianism .

  3. Who you calling ‘White TPLF’? How many times did I tell you that Debre and his cabals are not black race but they are the gold race. I told you a million times they are the Gold Race, nothing but pure gold 24 carat of it! That is who Davison wants to join in.

    Now on a serious note. Some people may ask why is this Davison thing so obsessed about the Horn of Africa and Ethiopia in particular. That is because he is able to do in that part of Africa that he failed to do in his own country. He wants to see those ‘niggers’ kill each other to extinction and he seems to have found a fertile place for that. That place is called Ethiopia with more than 80 different ethnic groups who are being besieged by bigot scabs among them. News of deaths of innocent civilians unleashed by these scabs is soothing music to his ears. Boy, he hates those boogie men Amharas and their collaborating Oromos with passion! Any news of violent human deaths from that country is like a bouquet of roses from his husband. And he is not alone in that one. He has the monetary backing of those white supremacists with deep pockets. He will be going nowhere. He will continue pouring gasoline on the fire that refuses to go out. He is like ‘Go niggers go! Keep going for the jugular at each other’s throat you niggers!’ You just watch! One of these days he is gonna win one of those awards in journalism if he hasn’t already! You just watch!

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