Mr. Obang Metho’s Statement at the U.S. Congressional Briefing on Land-Grab in Africa (Video)

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In the Video, Obang was responding to the TPLF/EPRDF official Ato Tewehade Belay from the Embassy in Washington DC who denied that no one who has been dispalced as the result of the land grabs.
Below is the link to the video of the Land Evictions Ato Tewehade Belay denied.


  1. Ruling party cadres come prepared. The guy was well-dressed, has documents in his hand to make you think he is correcting factual errors committed from the podium. And he introduced himself as a member of the “Ethiopian community” in the Washington, D.C., area. Technically true but deceptive. The real problem was that the cadre’s facts were made-up! Instead of responding to allegations of evictions of villagers to make space for foreign commercial farmers the cadre tried to show the allegations were minuscule compared to 75 million hectares of untouched/unsold land in the country. Did anyone ask or counter where he got the figures? No. Did anyone confront him about land given away to Sudan and Eritrea and expanding borders of Tigray Region? No. Figures are often simply fabricated on the spot. If you want to learn more read Dr. Assayegn’s [and Tigrayan scholar-comrades] figures about World Bank funding and reports to support Ethiopian people are benefiting from aid. Those representing the ‘opposition’ are not always up to par, not dressed well, and have no manners or presence of mind to counter lies of ruling party cadres. So what should the opposition do different? First, recruit those who have command of language and culture; outsource issues to those knowledgeable but unwilling to go public and willing to lend their expertise from the background. Second, ESAT should rid itself of Tekelamariam’s petulance or Sisay’s overreach or Tamagne’s self-absorbed cult. ESAT could turn even more formidable in the hands of those who understand how to counter disinformation from all sides. Rhetoric should replace educating Ethiopian publics in its history and how focus on localized politics sustained TPLF, etc. Has anyone yet figured out how much damage is being done to the opposition abroad by Aiga, Ethiomedia, Ethiopian Review, etc? Please publish my comments so others could see all in the opposition are not alike.

  2. Obang you are the man!! I really appreciate your genuine effort to bring a lasting peace and democracy in Ethiopia!!! Please let me know how I can donate $ to SMNE.

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