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Moresh: A Study Summary on the Crime of Ethnic Cleansing Perpetrated on the Amhara of Ethiopia, 1991-2016

To Members of European Parliament
Wiertzstraat 60
B-1047 Brussels,
From : Moresh Wegenie Amhara Organization (MWAO)
8221 Georgia Avenue Silver Spring, Maryland, MD 20901 USA

A Study Summary on the Crime of Ethnic Cleansing Perpetrated on the Amhara of  Ethiopia, 1991-2016

Moresh Wogenie Amara Organization (MWAO), which sponsored the study on the Crime of Ethnic
Cleansing Perpetrated on the Amhara of Ethiopia, 1991-2016, is an Amhara Organization based in America. It is legally registered in Maryland, USA, as a civic society and has branches all over the world. The Amhara is one of the two major ethnic groups in Ethiopia. MWAO aspires to share the plight of the Amhara with nations who stand for justice in general and with concerned human rights organizations in particular.
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  1. tplf ethno fascist and their servants olf and opdo have committed untold massacre on the amhara population and these criminals have to be caught and face justice. the evidence that exists is overwhelming. these fascists might think that no body is watching them. we are vigilantly watching and compiling substantial amount of documentation to enable to bring the murderers to justice.
    on a local level committees should be set up to alert the amhara population of impending danger and to organise self defence. this is something to think about for MORESH. the amhara should not be a sitting target for ethno fascist thugs who target amharas as enemies for being an amhara.

  2. MORESH keep being a voice for the Voilcless Amharas who are targets of hate speeches,writing and genocide by OLF Shabia and TPLF fascists what is sad is the silence of Amhara Elites and intellectuals and historians .
    There has never been a people betrayed by his own elites like Amhara whose intellectuals are coward to write the true history of the people.v
    Amhara historians are so coward to write the truth when Amharas killed and expelled from their ancesstoral land SHEWA by strangers who invaded the land in the 17 century by comitting genocide on Amharas and Gurages.
    The silence of Amhara Historians regarding the history of WOLKAIT and its people being Amhara is deafening, Amhara elites failed to reach about the hate of Tigrians towards Amharas and their ultimate desire of destroying Ethiopia and Amhara people.
    We are witnessing the planned work of TPLF fascist regime of destroying Ethiopia and Amhara but we are sitting and watching our demise for not be able to find one Amhara who can lead us

  3. I appreciate zehabesha.com is #1 in its news and its opportunoty for others.thank you ato tekle yeshaw,dr abeba fekade,dr tesfaye demelash and from tigri also getachew all of you did a great job.amhara knows evry rhing that has been done donet to them.amhara donot like ethinicity.but no one seems clikefor amhara,evry clan in ethiopia is against amhara. Why becouse amhara protect ethiopia frim warriors.now amhara must organize it self.becouse oromo did,becouse tigri did,so amhara has to do that to stop any one from killing amhara.support moresh imformation radio.go to moresh information center.read or go to adinet radio .sweden or andunet raduo.com .amhara will rise.donot hesitate how much we love moresh peple we praise professor tekle yeshaw told the pente catagory of professor said orotodox is yemesafint hayimanot.

  4. Amhara tenes tebulehal.sinte yinegerrn.taredin.yegiragn mehamed sayanisen yegudit sayanisen ,ahun beqirbu enkuan sigachin begegera. Tezelezele.endet eninoralen bilen enasibalen???

  5. This country is byild and reserved by amhara leadership.but when it comes to tigre and oromo time is all they want to separet and division. You all want to be like Somalia. Exept amhara.period.

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