More to the mysterious death of UN peacekeeper Col. Hagos Misgina

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By Ghirmay Gezahegn

Yes, we all have wished he was alive, but our hopes dashed away in thin air and Colonel Hagos Misgina’s end left his family agonized, fear trodden and in disarray. By the way he was’t Captain but Colonel

Colonel Hagos Misgina Gebray was an Irob born in a village called Assa Aleyta from his parents Ato Misgina Gebray and Woizero Abrehet Gebrezgi at a mountainous Eastern escarpment of the monastery of Alitena. Since the objective of this piece is not to go on Colonel Hagos’ biography, let’s proceed with the fate he encountered.

To start with, Colonel Hagos Misgina intially had served in the UN peace keeping mission in Liberia and had completed his mission. Once back to his country, he was assigned to Mekelle. While he was serving Mekelle as rumors have it, he was not loved by his military superiors. As every Irob and his friends know him, Hagos was very reserved, humble and fearless military man. As someone coming from a minority group, Hagos had no one to rely on. To achieve whatever he had in mind, he had to earn it.

Thus, while in Mekelle his was very strict at his work and no corruption was tolerated under the office he supervised. It is at that moment that his superiors started to name him “አይበልዕ አየብልዕ” literally meaning “he is a guy who neither steals nor let others steal”. From this we easily can extrapolate how firm he was against corruption and how agitated his corrupt superiors can become.

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It was in the middle of all these rumors that Colonel Hagos, who had already served in the UN peacekeeping mission in Liberia, was ordered to go to Darfur. His protest could not get a listening ear. The protest against his superior’s decision bore no fruit and he had no option but leave.

At that unfortunate evening before going to his bed he was having a nice chat with 4 or 5 other officers in the officer’s lounge in the camp. While leaving for his bed he told his colleagues that he felt very tired and needs to go to bed early and left. Soon as he left a gun shot was heard and Colonel Hagos was assassinated. It is a well-known fact that in this kind of callous cold blooded assassination rumors go viral and that by itself the family who lost a loved one gets mad at every uttered word about the death of their own son. More so around the death of Colonel Hagos Misigna. Intentionally or otherwise as usual, the EPRDF government is not coming clean when it comes to Colonel Hagos’ callous murder. Imagine, a military man with a rank of Colonel from a certain country whose identity is unknown!? Can any person with sane mind believe this?

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When Colonel Hagos Misigna’s coffin arrived in Addis Abeba, his remains had to be submitted to his family. But what happened as Ethiomedia already reported, his body was put in the morgue of Torhailoch Hospital till his family member identifies the body, probably by some coincidence! Why did the EPRDF government/ministry of defense fail to inform the family of the victim about the death of their son? Why did they choose to keep the body of the victim for so long in a hospital morgue till it was found by a family member?

From what is said the Colonel was shot at his back head above his neck. If as is told to the family his death was self-inflicted, how come that he shot himself at his back head? For what is told by people around him, there was no any sign of depression or any other kind of reason to force him commit suicide. How come that the authority told the family that he committed suicide? Is an autopsy performed on his remains? Is anyone summoned to testify about the decision to assign him to Darfur for the second time against his will? Some sources claim that immediately after the assassination, there was a congratulatory telephone call to Mekelle instead of the ministry of defense. Did the EPRDF government try to investigate the claim? The EPRDF government must shoulder a full responsibility for these and other more questions around this issue.

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Does the EPRDF government really care about the people of Irob? More than 100 people were abducted by Shabia about 19 years ago. Still no word about the whereabouts of the citizens. Now 6 years ago, this cold-blooded assassination which is kept secret in mysterious way without giving any tangible justification to his aging mother!

Irob intelligentsia and people need to weigh the actions and inactions of the government heavily and a serious debate must be entertained among themselves! If not, each will face it individually and will be too late then!



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  1. TPLF is intoxicated with the flow of cash and Whiskey and never cared for anyone from its inception. We have witnessed sadistic and the most hideous crimes committed by the mafia lead so called government of Ethiopia against our people again and again.
    The killing of Colonel Hagos Misgina bears the mark of the TPLF’s ways of eliminating far reaching thinkers among them. They have done it in the pushes and they will continue to do it till their demise. Here are a few of their atrocities abroad:
    January 2012 Juba – An enthusiastic and energetic Ethiopian medical Doctor starts work in the South Sudan as African, Medical Research Foundation (AMREF). Soon after Dr. Alemayehu Seifu was gunned down in broad day light and his car was stolen to stage the killing. However, the killing was done by the direct order of TPLF to replace his post with their own man.
    March 2009 – Colonel X was in his house with his family. This man has been with the TPLF for years and his is one of the most vibrant thinkers of the group. In the middle of the night, gunmen were in his house and killed him and all his family including his wife (who was also veteran of the TPLF). He and his family was eliminated because they question the corruption of the TPLF among other things.
    Israeli Professor Jeheskel Shoshani, a world-renowned researcher of elephants at Addis Ababa University, was killed in 2008 by a bomb blast planted by the TPLF agents on a minibus. I could list hundreds of atrocities by the TPLF, but there is no time or space. What is heartbreaking is the suffering of Colonel Hagos Misgina’s family. TPLF does not care for anyone. They will use and abuse you and throw you like a trash can. We have seen it a million times. Dignity, care for the dead and the living is not in their hearts. Just self glorification and the fleecing of the country’s resources.

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