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Money Laundering in Ethiopia: Chasing Dirty and Dangerous Dollars

Money Laundering in Ethiopia: Chasing Dirty and Dangerous Dollars

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  1. Among the too numerous to count criminal illegal activities of tyrannical TPLF/EPRDF is human trafficking. TPLF/EPRDF are the #1 human traffickers of the world. They have made millions of dollars trafficking East Africans. Most of the trafficked humans come from refugee camps in ethiopia, somalia and kenya. Thousands of the them have died or their organs harvested or their heads beheaded by ISIS or sold as slaves while trying to reach their preferred destination, Europe or USA.
    Those who reached Europe and USA have been a burden to the people and government of Europe and USA. As such governments of Europe and USA should severely punish tyrannical TPLF/EPRDF BY APPLYING CRIPPLING ECONOMIC AND MILITARY SANCTION.

  2. who are you sir

    you are talking sth else no one among migrants in europe or us or any other part of this planet is a burden

    do you know how many people in in abroad are working in this profitable project “migration and refugee help”

    africans are still under exploitation and working for eu or us nothing under the tricky currency exchange rate which undermine the african economy and rob its resources with a little money.they are not helping africa for free rather at the excahnge and expense of swallowing its resources.

    I suppose you tried to leave ethipia before but it doesn’t work out for you

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