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Mohammed Tahiro on HR 128 & Senate Resolution 168

Mohammed Tahiro on HR 128 & Senate Resolution 168

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  1. Prof. Mohammed Tahiro’s statement that the adoption by the US Congress of the bills under consideration, namely, HR 128 and SR 168, is completely false and inappropriate! I completely disagree with his dismissive statement on such an important issue especially as he had, albeit unsuccessfully, attempted to be elected as a US Senator from Texas.

    Unless he has other devious motives, Prof. Mohammed should know that the US government is a major supporter of the current Ethiopian regime not only in terms of diplomacy but also financially which is estimated to be around US$2 billion annually. It’s obvious that if the bills mentioned above are adopted by the US Congress, the US Government’s action would be impacted effectively to the extent that its diplomatic and financial support to the Ethiopian regime would have to be appropriately curtailed. In addition, such a move would motivate strongly the quest for the respect of human rights, democracy and rule of law in Ethiopia as well as the achievement of a united struggle against the oppressive and tyrannical governance in Ethiopia.

    It’s, therefore, hoped that all those who are working strenuously for the adoption of HR128 and SR168 simply ignore Prof. Mohammed’s shameful idea and rather continue with their excellent effort for the benefit of our beloved country, Ethiopia.

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