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Mixed state of security after election in Ethiopia

(iReport CNN) — Addis Ababa remains largely calm following Election Day, yesterday. Security has clashed with protesters in Oromia, the largest and most populous state that has seen large pro-opposition rallies over the last weeks. At least one killed in Midakengi district of west Shewa in election related violence.
About 85% of nearly 36 million Ethiopians casted their votes, says the National Election board of the country. The board has said the election was peaceful, free and fair. The only international observer, the African Union mission, on its part has said the election has met their standards.
Compared to the rest of the country, turnout was low in Addis Ababa and there are many reports of voter intimidation, observers harassment, and other irregularities. In places where results are announced, the incumbent regime has won most of the votes. The opposition has dismissed these results citing they are rigged.
In Oromia region, the situation is very tense. In West Shewa zone that had seen large crowds of demonstrations in support of the opposition Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), and a stronghold, there has been number of incidents of disputes and conflicts. In some places such as Gudar, dispute between observers, between voters and observers, voters and reps of election board escalated to confrontation. In other places such as Gindeberet, local militia opened fire on the local voters harming some of them.
Eye witness are reporting reinforcement and deployment of large regime security forces to districts such as Cheliya, Ambo, Toke-Kutaye, Bako, Jeldu, Dandi, Gindeberet and Midakengi. These areas had also seen widespread protests last year against the Addis Ababa master plan.
The opposition bloc Medrek has claimed that over 90% of its observers were chased away from polling stations by security of the ruling party. According to reports over the last hours, situation remains very tense after one individual was killed in Arsi zone, another one also was killed in Hadiya in SNNPR.
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In Bule Hora university, ethnic Oromo students broke through security and closed the polling station citing ”no need to vote if it will not be counted properly”.
The Ethiopian regime has already declared it is a winner through its affiliated websites and openly on its state radio. The regime will likely continue its 99.6% share of the parliament, even more if no

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  1. What a shameful day in Ethiopia but perhaps quote “Ethiopians deserve the government they got”?
    Have people forgotten sacrifices is needed to achieve freedom of speech, equality and prosperity!!!
    Ethiopia hoy Ethiopia hoy you are caring a lot of useless people stretch your hands before it is too late.111

  2. The oppositions should have known first hand the election was designed by the organizer, that is the ruling party, to build its image to a favorable one. Like it mislead the the Ethiopian people it wanted to mislead and deceive the international diners and foreign inverters. Each Ethiopian very well knows what is going on in his country. Neither supporters nor nor ordinary citizens, letting alone opposition are not happy with what is going on in their country. Always promises are made always promises are broken. Even though the country looks peaceful the ordinary citizens silent, there is very hot and boiling magma in every citizens heart ready to explode anytime. The government needs to liberaliz its grip of power and suppression, its nepotism criteria to opportunity of wealth and employment. It has to get rid of corruption and corrupt individuals,etc. The coming next years are very critical. It could be time to do the right thing and keep going or ?????????????.

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