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By Abinet Hunegnaw
 To all readers, particularly for foreigners, please be advised that even as we speak, the present TPLF dominated regime using its restrictive laws, the ATP or Anti terrorism proclamations of 2009 and the State of emergency of 2016, is committing untold persecution in the form of extrajudicial killings and arbitrary detentions in the Amhara state. The Amhara have officially begun a protracted armed struggle against the regime. Due to frequent restrictions in internet and mobile phone usage and limitations, clear cut information is not allowed to come out of Ethiopia. The international community is purposely kept in the dark and only gets the wrong propaganda sprayed by the regime’s and its satellites’ media. Some forces within the opposition on their part have begun a very negative propaganda war against Amharans who began an open defiance and resistance against oppression. The negative rhetoric of these forces and individuals indicate a clear cut sinister objective of seizing power at the expense of the innocent blood shed in Amhara. The continuing denial of Amhara resistance by them has reached an irresponsible stage. For these so called oppositions, the genocide of Amhara is nothing more than a collateral damage. This approach on the part of these power hungry diaspora based anti regime individuals and groups is an open declaration of war on the Amhara people. This is an ABOMINATION.
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  1. Listen, the Amhara people have every right to fight for their human rights and humanity that has been down trodden not only by the criminal TPLF gangs, but by the so called international community as well. These US led community of nations have shown over and over again that they don’t care about human rights or the rule of law while they are loudly uttering those words and phrases adnauseum!
    It is high time that the Diaspora Amhara people SUPPORT their people and stop the unreasonable fear of being seen as anti Ethiopian! To be proud of your sub-identity (Amhara) and your identity (Ethiopian) need not go against each other and they don’t. Stop acting like a ‘politically correct’ individuals who turn out to be hypocrites.

  2. What study placed Ancient Amhara near Tana that included Gojjam and Wellega? Never heard of such a source. Did you invent your own, may I say, “alternative fact”

    The celebrated kingdom of Ancient Amhara(or as lovingly recalled by medieval kings and scribes as “Bete Amhara” after they moved to Shewa) was located in what is now known as south Wollo.

    If you are writing about Amhara settlement after 16th century, you might be right for the most part, except in some cases. But ancient Amhara was much older, it goes way back to the Middle Ages. Perhaps to the 11th or 12th century, even before the foundation of the Solomonic dynasty by a prince of ancient Amhara, YekunoAmlak. And all this other provinces we now no as Amhara were not part of the ancient Amhara. Following the migration and more importantly, the assimilation of the natives with the Amhara people, Gojjam, Begemidir and Semen became Amhara.

    As to your theory of Amhara people as natives to Ethiopia, no one disputes that. The dispute arises when you claim Amharas are 100% natives. Well, the south Arabian theory can not be dismissed that easily. Because we speak a south Arabian language and we write in script that has its origin in south Arabia. But all that pales in comparison to the genetic profile of Amhara and South Arabians. The similarity leaves no doubt as to their relationship. And almost 50% of Amhara genes are of Asian origin(not necessarily south Arabian, though). The other 50% being African, it makes Amharas natives to Africa.

    By the way this Asian blood is actually ancient, much much older than Sabeans or the legend of Sheba. Recently discovered human remains in south Ethiopia stretches it back to my several thousands of years. And not just Amhara, but almost all Ethiopian ethnic groups had the Asian genes in varying degree. By some, this was explained as part of the reverse human migration from Asia. Yemeni migration is just one of the recent ones.

  3. The key to the future existence of Ethiopia as a nation depends on the response of the Amahara opposition politicians at home and abroad.

    Tired of reading mostly confusing and negative comments and propoganda about Ethiopian politics, I jumped on the band wagon to address the critical issue of ethnic politics and Ethiopian patriotism.
    As an Ethiopian-born person, I still see that most Ethiopian-born elites who live in Western countries have a diehard snobish mentality. If they realy embrace the Western democratic values, they would promote more regional political freedom and equality. Listen, we live in 21st century. Every body is free. No race, language, or culture is more important or superior to others. Very simple, isnt it? If so stop being scared and start with a new political vision that builds trust, peace, and unity among free Ethiopian nationalties.
    EPRDF did not create ethnic politics. It existed as long as Ethiopia existed. Tigreans are patriotic and civilised as Amharas are. They do not want an Amhara dominated system in any form or manifestation. Amharas be ready to work with Tigreans, to live in peace and equalty with other Ethiopians. Therefore,the future of Ethiopia’s unity depends on the response of the Amhara opposition politicians at home and abroad.

    Politics require compromise on issues. No political party on earth is supposed to think of itself as a provider of perfect soutions for all political and economic problems of its supporters. Therefore, I do not see any difference between EPRDF mentality and those opposing EPRDF.

    Those who are truely interested in engaging in politics and want to make positive contribution should think of compromises.

  4. Abinet is right. The unabated assault on everything Amara has found expression because we allowed it. The nameless enemies who deeply envy Amaras for a host of qualities have found an opportune time to dismantle the great Amara people.

    Considering our moral, ethical, intellectual, spiritual (piety has been the trademark of both Christians and Muslim Amaras) endowment and the flawed and perverted stands of our enemies, we will surmount this challenge when we unite.

    No force can stop us from having our rightful place in a nation in which Amaras have sacrificed their lives and limbs more than any others.

    Our greatest impediment has been, the false notion that establishing Amara salvation front, is tantamount to abandoning the interest of the Ethiopia at large.
    If anything, it is Amaras’ resolute stand against our domestic and foreign enemies that will guarantee the Ethiopia’s sovereignty as this will help garner the support of all Ethiopians irrespective of their ethnicity.

    We should not shy away from declaring war on those that have unabashedly identified us their mortal enemies and continue to decimate unsuspecting, unarmed Amaras with impunity. And TPLF and OLF members will pay the ultimate price for justice will always be served however long it may sometimes take. notice

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