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  1. Please for the sake of heaven, be genuine. Such unbalanced and false news never bring any solution. I remember when I was 1st year univ student, during the end derg regime, students from Gojam and Gondar were chanting with slogans and false (far from reality) to convince others to go to the war front to fight TPLF. They had extremely ugly (one could not expect from a university student) rumors in an attempt to convince the brutality of TPLF. I remember one Gojam student, carrying a rifle came to the stage and said ” Weyane slaughtered a woman in this village (I do not remember the village) and buried a woman with with bodies separate. Imagine, such a huge deception to get attention and convince us??? These students were so barbaric that they were full of emotions. Then what happened? most of us went to Blate military camp unwillingly (because they used to say we will loss our citizenship). But most of those Idiot Students who were propogandazing remained behind with false medical report.
    Again, this article has reminded me of those times. Please you can never bring solution by posting stupid articles and that is far from reality. Opposing bad governance is one thing, but you must be genuine.
    I wonder, why these bloggers post such very false and poisonous articles. You won’t win and take power without being honest, genuine and having dignity and integrity. These is what these people have lacked.

  2. It is undeniable that there is such a thing as medical torture. However, for lack of clarity, good English and substantial evidence – such as the kind of drug/s used, etc. it is hard to believe that this article is written by a medical doctor. The existence of “Association of Amhara Physicians” is open to question too. Please guys do your due diligence before posting such an article. It’ll impact your credibility as well as that of the opposition movement.

    • Thank you Tazabi. It is very clear from the reprot to conclude that. this is not true.

      There is nothing we gain or succeed by false accusations. Rather, this is damaging the whole country. Opposing the ruling party in the right manner is one thing, but bringing false accusations won’t take any of the opposing individuals or party any where. A sustainable country is established with Honest, truth, Integrity and dignity. these are what we are lacking. May be these is posted by Shabias or egyptian mercenaries.
      It is damaging to Amharas.

  3. Selam,
    It is good to read this and know that there is someone exposing the crimes of TPLF and thus defend the rights innocent citizens. TPLF is a criminal organization (no question about this) and an important consideration for fighting it back is get organized and organize in a big way. Through manipulations and mischievous practices, TPLF has established its own support system for abuse of power and survival. This should be counteracted by the people with greater forces that emerge by being organized. I am glad some Ethiopian physicians are beginning to realize and act.

    I expect the Ethiopian Medical Association and P2P (and others) to also get involved at least to defend the abuse of the profession they claim to protect, let alone responsibility of saving the lives of innocent fellow citizens.

    Somewhat related to the concern articulated in the above posting, the article in the link below was posted some time before.


    Both may be a coordinated work of TPLF. This is yet another proof how evil TPLF is and dtermined to destroy anyone who is different. Ethiopians should stay vigilant and protect each other from this evil, yet miniature, force.

    Long live Mother Ethiopia.

  4. OMG!!! Please Almighty,visit us with your mercy. Did things go that far? If such thing is really happening right now, I real acknowledge Ato Abay not only a political leader, but also a distinct prophet who sees what is coming.
    I found this piece of call diabolical framing that has come from diabolical mind. Most professionals are committed to their professional duetity to highest moral and ethical standards.
    This is very controversial and baseless accusation. Please, let us try be sane and very cautious. There are a lot of other ways to fight dictatorship and oppression. Let us not, please, victimize the innocent and the honest.let us give due respect to the professionals and to the profession. I am not saying the can not be malpractice by some other entities. What I am saying is there is no evidence at all.

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