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Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Oromo Democratic Front (ODF) and Patriotic Ginbot 7 (PG7)


After several candid discussions and careful considerations of the current political, social, economic and humanitarian situations in Ethiopia, and all the damages caused by successive regimes and the TPLF/EPRDF regime in particular on the welfare and national interests of the peoples of Ethiopia and the security and sovereignty of our country, the ODF and PG7 have made important observations and conclusions. The longer the current regime is allowed to stay in power, the harsher will be the pain, suffering and humiliation endured by the peoples of Ethiopia. Therefore, both parties are fully convinced that a transition from the current TPLF regime towards a new and genuinely federal and democratic state is of utmost urgency. — Read More —-

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  1. Great News! and I feel comfortable it is with Ato Lencho.

    1- please dont do what issayas and meles did. i.e Agree now and fight later.
    2- you already seem to agree that it will be a federalist system again. Who asked uss and gave us other options? Federalism by itself is a foreign word. Am not Oromo but I would rather Gedda system!Mistake Number 1

    you never know what people would have chosen if they were given the choice 25 years ago whether it was practiced properly or not.
    Maybe people would have agreed to use their language without acting like little countries.
    Ato Lencho since you are more for Federal system, you could experience the same problem like Pakistan did to India. where does it stop? what is the criteria? do you really want to waste your energy on this again?
    3- The youth- what we have in common is our youth not our ethnicity, so please catch up with us.
    21 century is about technology, out sourcing etc.

    Thank you.

  2. Ummmm. Wow!!! Where was Al-Toweel Isaias when these two sign this MOU? It is not a bad thing but wondering if the professor is still lobbying in Asmara. Ok…now we have the MOU these two signed. How about coughing up all the MOU’S and short/long term agreements Al-Toweel had you put your John Hancock on list on this esteemed website? How about that? Lets see them all!!!!

  3. What kind of federalizm? Is going to be a real federalizm where each state is composed of many ethnic groups? or a dangerous kind, undemocratic one with only a single ethnic in each state? The best will be no federalism based on ethnic identity at all, just like we see in the unted states of America, or other democratic countries.

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