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Melese expected to resurrect

by Tegen Ashagrie

It goes without saying that, the late Melse Zenawi has imperishably been observed as the emancipator of the horn of Africa at least by those ecclesiastical cadres who jumbled their political party for religion and their leader for a Messiah. No one of them has ever thought Melese, the man in the nightmare, would perish this way and this fast. Lamentably, he did. He did die like any one of us will do. Strangely, though, his bereavement got to be very baffling for his coconspirators who tend to get mixed-up and wish to linger to hike on their incredulity by hiding the truth from the public they said has voted for them.
It looks like all have expired at least conceptually if not physically, since they count out of sentient. Mind you, these folks are not only well preached by the adherents of the creed but also have got their respective precious and priceless minds conditioned to do genuflection day in and day out before the magnificence of their trailblazer; doesn’t matter if he is alive or deceased. It looks like they have lost their endowed free agent, the day they were baptized in that oceanic tall tale by the name of his Excellency Melse Zenawi.
For such pilgrims who claimed themselves as purchased beings by the un-shaded blood of Melse, there is no point of any trepidation to count on EPRDF as their most treasured religion, where Melse is the Messiah and their respective parties are their individual flattered churches. It is like “You listen from Melese and he will teach you how to believe in lies. Yea, the more you believe in them, they will form the truth of your own world.” That is what I can read deep in the mind of Bereket Simon, the Communication guy. He knew the truth about the status of Melese’s health and his death before a month, but he wanted to create his own type of truth by piling up a mountain of lies.
This is what he has learned from the decoration set and pattern established by Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda minister of the then Adolf Hitler, who used to be, by the same token, adulated by his devotees, has not only educated them enough to fabricate their own sort of ‘truth’ by repeatedly confessing fibs, but also it has turned their mind around and believe in the power of lies. They lie, and lie and the third time that lie is a founded truth which they themselves could not deny that it is the product of their fabrication. I don’t know why these two guys confuse me a lot. If I were somebody that believes in the transgressions of soul, I would say the current Bereket if the reincarnated personage of the then Joseph Goebbels. Both are the high priests of lies.
Hence, no wonder if, the “EPRDFians” and their abettors behave the way very differently than the sets of values we as a nation have built for years. As they have always been, they are conscious only under the stimulus of infidelity, if at all they have the “so-called” conscious. I don’t think they have one. Hence, they depend only on that one Man, one Mind and one Mad. As long as it is from the breath of Melese or one of his devotees, they take it for granted, and no matter what it has deep inside it. I don’t want to sight examples of their lies, since I have never heard of them speaking out a single truth. All is a well manufactured tale. That is what they have, and that is what they could give us.
In fact, such political fraudulence and betrayal of their own people might give them a longer dying time; that is it. However, they can’t push back the flood of path trying to swallow them. I never think so; they are working to make their fall a great fall as that of their dictator Meles who died like a flesh. We are in a time where history is repeating itself farther than news, if they want to echo it.
As ones Melese has manifested time and again in his particles, for him and his disciples’ candid perspective, guileless principles and genuine ideologies are among the most double-crossing adversaries that EPRDF has to deal with. They never know truth and cannot speak of it. EPRDF is born, grown, educated, cultured and cultivated in an ocean of fibs. And the father and the architect of all was their master Meles. Unless, they are totally doomed, they all must realize EPRDF is gone with Melese, no question about it. If they are working to change gear and come out with a different mask, I don’t think they will be able to get the gamble even if they go by that gun power which has brought them to the sit.
What are they doing then? That is what every ones of us are asking. Could they be waiting for a moment of confession and repentance before the people of Ethiopia as one nation, whom they killed, robed and dismantled? Are they really coming back to sense when the ghost leaves them all alone unexpectedly at such startling collapse? Or they are waiting for the resurrection of their master before his burial?
If they are waiting for him to resurrect, somebody has to tell them the third day has gone. The guy has already started rotting in the hidden grave. Weeks have gone since the ghost has left for good. It will only be time for him to tell us is exhilaration and excitement about the gangland and the underworld where has been at least for the last four weeks and more. It is time, if you are wise enough to wake up from your sleep and repent for the best of your furtherance and for the future of your victim people.
Take your pen out and pour out your thought to discuss about this big u-turn in the future of our country.

God Bless Ethiopia

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