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Melese attacks the Amharas’ peasants again – By Kaleab Tessema


Kaleab Tessema

Of course, the brutality of Woyane leader will not rest until his dream comes true about the Amharas to dehumanize and ¬†ethnically cleanse them until they become a minority or nonexistent in the country.¬† Melese, whatever excruciating torture he does to the Amharas, he cannot take away their Ethiopia-ness, it will make them more Ethiopian than before.¬† The TPLF chief whether he likes or not, Amharas are a people who never compromise about the unity ofEthiopia, and it is the wishful thinking for Melese to eliminate the Amhara.¬† However, these recent and horrendous crimes on the Amharas¬† is not new; it is a sequential occurrence decimating the Amharas in different times.¬† The Amhara ethnic group has been demonized and criminalized by the Woyane leader for the last 21 years.¬† The 1991, mass slaughters of pregnant women and children in Arbagugu and in Bedno were the worst crimes ever committed on the Amharas people since Mussolini’s aggression in 1935.¬† These barbaric mass murders of Amhara left an indelible imprint on my mind.¬† The TPLF leader, in his recent rancorous speech to his parliament, tried to disparage those who forcedly displaced Amharas by calling them eastern Gojam settlers.¬†

Woyane sagaciously and systematically designed the ethnic lines of federalism in order to control the country by perpetuating the punitive policies that emphasize the anti-Amhara ethnic group which is totally inimical to the Amhara people.¬† It was crystal clear, that¬† when TPLF was in the bush, their primary target was Amhara.¬† Conceivably, their first core principle was to ‘hit the Amhara’s horn’, and after that, declare the independence of Tigray, and to annex the fertile districts fromGondarand Wello to Tigray to be a viable new nation.¬† This was a true history which I was told by one of the high ranking members who was the founder of TPLF.¬† As this person shared his ordeal with me during his stay in the field, he was the only person to escape a Woyane assassination, but the rest of his colleagues were murdered because of their stance was against the Woyane’s secessionist agenda.

 This individual told me how TPLF duped the Tigray people that Amhara is the historic foe of Tigray people.  The Amhara is the oppressor of Tigre, and Tigray is impoverished because of the chauvinist Amhara, and so, we as the sons of the great people of Tigray that we could quickly liberate ourselves from the Amhara, so that Tigray will develop and become a prosperous nation within a short period of time.  This propaganda was written in pamphlets and handed out on a weekly basis.

At a matter of fact, ¬†the information I got from the person, and the Gebremedhin Araya’s recent information given to ESAT about Melese’s revulsion against the Amhara is more or less the same, but the only thing Gebremedhin did not mention about Sebhat Nega, Aregawi Berehe, Seyoum Mesfin, Abay Tsehaye (Amaha), Mulugeta Alemseged, and Yemane Jamaica were the notorious people who had been said to their foot soldiers, that the Amhara is the enemy of Tigre, particularly the elites to be executed.¬† However, Gebremedhin is absolutely right Melese is the most dangerous human being to the Amharas people.

As I was told, there was a meeting in the Eritrean desert with EPLF high ranking leaders, Mohammed Sherifo and Woldeab Woldemariam, and Melese was chosen by Sebhat Nega and Abay Tsehaye to give a speech on that meeting, and he started his speech in a swaggering and hideous grimacing way saying that EPLF and TPLF, have to unite to break their enemy’s backbone once and for all.¬† Once he finished his speech, the two guerillas audiences were praising him by giving him a standing ovation.

This we know all too well, Melese is proving his resentment towards the Amharas when 78,000 people were expelled from Gura Ferda, the dictator Melese did not care about these people.  He gave a frivolous speech about the eviction of the Amhara to his parliament which implied to me, that the action he has taken was justified. 

I just wanted to share with you the information, and I did not pay attention to the subject matter that TPLF would seizeAddis Ababa, and this diabolic action would be taken against the Amharas by the ethnocentric cruel Woyane Tigre.  Talking about the elimination of the Amharas people was easier said than done.  Of course at some point, Woyane succeeded killing the Amharas elites like  Prof. Asrat Woldeyes by throwing in jail and denying him medical treatment, and many others imprisoned without trial because of their Ethnic background.  For instance, Tsegaye-Debtraw was incarcerated for more than two decades because he is an Amhara not because he was part of EPRP.  I do not know it if he is alive today.

Having said that, Woyane had controlled the whole Tigray before the demise of the Derg era, and then, the TPLF knew that there was no way to communicate with the outside world, and Tigray as a nation could not get recognition by other countries.¬† Not only that, Tigray by itself, would not survive without the rest ofEthiopia.¬† So, Woyane had envisioned that separation was not a sign of prosperity, it was a sign of poverty.¬† Then, they decided to discuss with their ally, namely Shabia how to control the whole country, and started hatching an anti-Amhara individuals like: Tamrat Layne, Addisu Legesse, Bereket Simon, and Tefera Walewa who led the EPDM which was created as puppet of Woyane, and later the Ethiopian people’s National Democratic Movement(EPDM) was renamed to Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) which purposely created to demonize the Amhara.¬† These idiots and perfidious people who were not even an Amhara. ¬†In addition, the TPLF made Tamrat Layne a phony prime minister in order to consolidate their power.¬† Sad enough, Tamrat Layne was prime minister during the time many Amharas were slaughtered in Arbagugu and in Bedno, and these rampageous crimes were justified by Tamrat Layne.

To come to the point, the TPLF leader is known for prevaricating and prating in order to maintain his grip on power.¬† Therefore, the despot Melese had to minimize his an implacable enmity towards the Amhara, because the Amhara’s land is a strategic and suitable land.¬† If the TPLF tries to catch the Oromo’s land, it has to go through the Amhara land. ¬†So, Melese had already created pseudo Amhara organization which was supposed to represent the Amhara.¬† So, these phony Amhara individuals had played a key role in convincing the young Amharas to become the Woyane’s foot-soldiers, and to fight persistently to bring Woyane to power.¬† At the same time, these pseudo Amharas were disseminating lies full of propaganda in Amharic to the Amharas to make believe that EPRDF is a democratic government which will return the land and the properties to the people which were confiscated by the Derg. ¬†

¬†This is how Melese and his cronies succeeded to control the country by using a wonted deception, and to dehumanize the innocent Amhara peasants. ¬†This is a barbarous act of the TPLF regime which is unforgettable and will go down in history.¬† Now, Melese is in power by force, but whether he likes or not, he will go by the people’s uprising either by heart attack, and the Ethiopian people’s rapports will come back to where it was before.

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