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‘Medical torture’ being reported out of prison camps in Ethiopia

By Ass’n of Amhara Physicians

There are reports of medical torture in NAZI TPLF concentration camps to Amhara people. Birsheleko Victims are reportedly being enforced to take drugs without any professional medical expertise for corporal punishment.


Please those Amhara physicians, pharmacists, health officers ,nurses and related professionals working especially in Finoteselam , Motta, Burea,Enjibara hospitals and health centers be informed that any person in amhara region with fainting ,collapse, dizziness, bizzariness, death or others brought to these centers with accompany TPLF assistants is highly suspicious victim of medical torture with out medical expertise.
This fundamentally violates medical ethics of Hippocratic Oath and international laws.

We all amhara physicians are expected to adhere to laws and stand against deliberate and explicit harm. Nazi TPLF cadres without ability are prescribing and giving drugs for ‘bad will’ to deliberately harm amhara people, a criminal act against humanity in its concentration camps. The Declarations of Geneva, Tokyo and World Medical Association Medical Ethics require us to have utmost respect for human life even under threat. As of World Medical Association Declaration of Tokyo and UN Principles of Medical Ethics, Health Personnel, particularly Physicians, should stand for Protection of Prisoners and Detainees.

The doctor shall not countenance , condone or participate in the practice of torture in whatsoever circumstances.

We amhara physicians strongly ask if any Cadre medical professionals in Camps are using their medical knowledge contrary to the laws of humanity.

We Amhara physicians are profesionaly responsible for knowing torture drugs more likely TPLF sponsored which might have lots of short or long term bad effects on the victims, their families, communities, future generation genetic alterations and Amhara people in general.

We are currently not sure whether Federal Drug Control Authority of Ethiopia has a regulation relating to medical torture in Ethiopia.

We are highly requesting all to:

1. evaluate all victims and even deaths for any drug use
2. identify brand or generic name, manufacturing country or company of drug
3. examine drug’s biochemistry
4. identify individuals/ professionals involving in the situation
5. know ways how such drugs are imported to our country
6. inform means for use of such community and generation risky drugs with out approval of Federal Drug Authority


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  1. Assoc of Amhara Physicians fighting for Amharas? I thought physicians are by oath neutral. You have lost all credibility and are as hypocritical as Tplf. Perhaps you need to consider a name change to Assoc of Ethiopian Physicians!

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