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Massive rally in the eastern part of Ethiopia – Dadar, Hararge | Video

Massive rally in the eastern part of Ethiopia – Dadar, Hararge


  1. This is just in from the Oromia home front:

    Our indomitable freedom fighters of OLF/OLA have managed to capture 300 armed men who have been terrorizing my Oromo people in some locations in Eastern and Southeastern Oromia in the last few weeks. After intensive interrogations it was revealed that none of them are Somalis. Some of them(commanders) are members of woyane and others are paid mercenaries from Wollamo, Gambela and Sidama people. The woyane members will be kept in prison until my Oromia becomes a freshly minted Republic of Oromia in just a few weeks and they will put on trial according to the Geneva Convention law. Others will be educated about the history of the glorious people of Oromia and will be transported to the towns and regions they came from. They told our investigators that the neftegnas had turned down woyane’s generous payment offers to join the mercenaries and that shows they are siding with us. This is what I translated from an interview on Oromo Television Broadcast very recently.

  2. There will be a solution for this very soon when ONLA liberates all former Somali territories taken away from us by force. The territories stretch from the current entire Hararghe all the way to the banks of the Blue Nile. Don’t forget the entire area from Berbera to the present day Wellga in the west, Moyale to the south and all Blue Nile to the north were all territories and jurisdictions of the former kingdom of the Somal from 500 BC up until the 19th century. They must be brought back to the fold by any means necessary. We have to take all of them back to our former glory and with our nature given hardworking values we will develop them to the European level in less than 15 years. Like I said, we will take them all back by any means available. You can jump up and down all day, all night if you want but there is not much that can be done to stop us from accomplishing our set out and well planned goal.

  3. This is the game to elongate the power of EPRDF. The time has come when all Ethiopian get together and bring justice to Ethiopia. Ethiopia belongs to all Ethiopian. We, the Somalis in Ethiopia , do not believe to annex other brothers and sisters land of Oromia or Afar. Politicians cook this medicine of divide and rule that is based upon the marker or political identity Somali, Oromo, Afar etc. We are all human being and do not die or kill each other while the elites take their children abroad to study and our children kill each other .Stop fighting each other and focus on the real enemy that divide us. The people dying in the sea, the ones killed in Arab countries and the ones who languishing are all poor and innocent while the few elites are enjoying the best of lives. Wake up and smell the coffee

  4. Great job the people of Dadar, Hararge. CHANTING DOWN DOWN WEYANE; DOWN DOWN WEYANE, DOWN DOWN WEYANE, DOWN DOWN WEYANE IS GREAT. This type of march should occur throughout ethiopia in every town, city, locality and region atleast once a week until tyrannical TPLF/EPRDF is DESTROYED COMPLETELY. Ethiopian government employees and businesses of all scale and type throughout all regions of ethiopia should strike atleast once a month in order to starve the tyrannical TPLF/EPRDF money and to destroy its economy. Without surplus money the devil TPLF/EPRDF will not have enough money to buy weapons to kill ethiopians, to build jails to imprison and torture ethiopians and to bribe greedy and self-centered ethiopians to be its spies, slaves, partners in crime.

  5. That is what we call it ” what goes around comes around”. Oromos started to harvest fruits of their sin which they have had committed on Amharas for the last 25 yrs based on false allegations and fabricated stories.

    Though I am deeply saddened by the death of innocent Oromos killed by Somalies the punishment handed down to coward OPDO cadres fulfils my heart with enormous joy.

    Yet much more to come from Somalies to subjugate and colonise Oromos for eternity. The people of Amhara will never and every March to save you from Somalie aggression as they did in 1976.

    Where are those coward oromo politicians condemning Amhara 24/7. Come forward and let’s hear what you have to say if you have a gut and an adrenaline .

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