Maritu Legsse – The Queen of Amebasel

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Maritu Legesse
by Eduardo Byrono
I was sitting idle and gazing through the window of an empty cafe when the faded vision of the legendary Artist Maritu Legsse crossed my entire mind out of the blue, than I deeply regret the fact that I took this much longer to mention and acknowledge the incredible chapter that she has graced in the history of Ethiopian traditional art, like no one has ever done it before, perhaps no one will.
Without a single tiny guess, whoever had a chance to meet Maritu Legsse while she was in her early age growing up as a little country girl in rural Wollo years ago, could clearly notice that she is a super star who was born to sing, to dance and to be the joyful part of the society, to lift up the mood of everyone from sadness to happiness in the most challenging days.
Strolling unshaken through a humble journey that began as a wedding singer in her childhood remote village, all the way to be written down as the most celebrated world class artist, the legendary Maritu Legsse has never let those who looked up to her down even a bit, in fact she has manged to reach out beyond the expectation of everyone.
Honest to God, no matter how hard I try to articulate words to describe the legacy of Artist Maritu in upgrading the traditional art of Ethiopia, she will still remain beyond any type of admiration, but let me try anyhow…
…My Dearest Maritu… I truly adore you…. my queen.


  1. Maritu’s talent is indescribable. Truly one believes they are listening to the words of an Angel sent from God when she sings. The depth of feeling and diversity of sounds to me, an American sound like nothing I have heard before or will hear again.
    She is a National Treasure.

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