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Maikadra Killers Hiding as Refugees !!!!

November 27, 2020
Tedla Asfaw
November 27, 2020
The true magnitude of the Maikadra brutality is unfolding as we speak. There is a refugee flow in Sudan that has grown to 40 k right now due to people who were running for safety from Maikadra, Humera and close towns to the border.
The Nov 9 machete killing of non Tigreans mostly Amharas by Samre reported by Ethiopian Human Rights Commission preliminary investigation surely will be updated.
Less than a week from the first report mass graves in various places were discovered and the true number of the murdered might reach 1000 or more.
Doctors who went from Bahir Dar told German Amharic that they  cared mostly for injuries from machete attacks. Survivors as well as Doctors were traumatized by it. Never have they seen such injury in their practice.
The refugee camp and Maikadra Connection is going to be established thanks to the photo we all watched.
Samre who viciously chopped to death fellow Ethiopians mostly seasonal laborers were seen lining up in a refugee shelter to get food.
Ethiopian and Sudanese officials need to register all the young people who were pictured on the newspaper and those who were not seen but are there.
These young people have to be questioned by professionals and the survivors of Maikadra need to be interrogated too.
There is a big probability that most of them can be Maikadra killers.The refugee camp is now more than a refugee shelter it is also a crime center.
No youth from this shelter should be
allowed to escape  and the Sudanese govt should take it seriously and the Ethiopian Ambassador to Sudan has to play a huge role in initiating, following and apprehending the killers who are mixing with women and children.

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