Lt General Jagama Kelo's Last interview; Admas Radio

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Lt General Jagama Kelo’s Last interview; Admas Radio

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  1. I have told you a million times before this man was not an Oromo. He was a member of the neftegnas. Don’t forget what I told you about him and his accomplice Geresu Duki not too long ago. Here it is again.
    Geresu Duki was an Amhara from the district of Tegulat whose real name Abeje Debalke. The reason he sneaked in area of Oromia is historical. He found out in 1937 that the good man General Graziani was about to declare Oromia an independent nation in 1937. I have managed to secure the copy of the telegram that good fan of Oromia Mussolini sent back to Graziani. My Oromo people have always been generous and hospitable hosts to travelers and foreigners. We were never hostile to him because he liberated us from neftegna Amharas. When the neftegnas found about the telegram they sent Abeje who spoke fluent Oromo language in our remote region to rob and kill every Oromo farmer. Graziani decided to wait until he pacified the area. Then WWII suddenly erupted before he accomplished that task. And that Jagama Kello was his accomplice, an Amhara neftegna from the district of Menz whose real name was Bekalu Astatke Shewangizaw. He was so such a heartless neftegna who killed more than 1,500,000 Bale Oromos in 1983. I have the documents to prove as they were all verified by well educated Oromo scholars. I found the copy of that historical telegram from Mussolini to Graziani in the archives of the Italian government.

  2. What a legend!!! What a pride of the colored!!! He proved to the fascist Mussolini that not only ‘niggas’ can fight but also can kick some ass!!! And he did. This hero has left a lasting legacy and immense material for any capable movie maker to put together a rousing film about his and his compatriots gallantry. With well trained and capable actors from the old country that is!!!

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