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Loyal Opponents will be Cursed in History evermore as Yihuda is Cursed in Scripture forever 

beyene and lidetuBelayneh Abate

For decades,   Beyene Petros,  Lidetu Ayalew  and many other politicians  pretend to preach for  equality and justice. Because they pretend to  preach for equality and justice,  these pseudo preachers  attracted some followers.  Unfortunately, their followers have been subjected to imprisonment, torture  and massacre  while these treacherous preachers were treated as good step-kids because they  habitually exhibit loyal opponents’  manner.   These loyal opponents have completely betrayed their massacred, evicted, tortured and imprisoned followers as Yihuda betrayed the tortured and imprisoned Christos. It is again heart breaking  to see  these  loyal opponents negotiating with public murderers as  it was heart breaking to learn  yihuda negotiated with  Christos’s murderers. That is right! It is sickening to learn  that loyal opponents  are negotiating for  power chairs at the expense of people’s lives as it was sickening to  learn that Yihuda was  negotiating for dinars in exchange of Christos’s life.


Negotiating with Ethiopian murderers is negotiating with Satan. Satan will remain Satan no matter how many times you kneel under his feet and demand change in his behavior.  Negotiation and reconciliation makes Stan stronger but never weaker.  If you doubt the existence of Satan, look at the leader of Tigre People Liberation Front (TPLF). No one has seen Satan as no one has seen God. Satan is known through his evil deeds as God is known through his good wills. Scriptures teach Satan, betrays, steals, robs, cheats and lies. The holly books preach Satan worships money, spreads hate and enjoy bloodsheds. These Satanic deeds have been the ritual of the TPLF leaders since they started annihilating the Wolkait Amaras 40 years ago.

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One of the main architects of the wolkait master plan, Legese Zenawi, once boasted that his first step in the struggle for power was robbing public banks. His disciples, just like their prophet, robbed the wealth of Ethiopians including the six- thousand meters long mountains. The Ethiopian proverb goes: The Satan that ordained an individual as deacon will never leave him until he promotes the individual to priesthood. Satan ordained Legese Zenawi as deacon of bank robbery, and stayed with him until he promoted him to priest of life robbery.

The priest of life robbery, Legese, his comrades and his disciples have massacred, tortured, disabled, jailed, displaced and sterilized hundreds of thousands of Amaras guided by the deddeb manifesto of establishing Tigre Republic at the graves of Amaras. This kind of manifesto is the work of Satan: No human being design and practice annihilating one ethnic group to establish the republic of another ethnic group.

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The graves of Amaras were not enough to establish the Tigre Republic as originally planned. Therefore, TPLF amended the deddeb manifesto to expand the graves to Ambo, Wolega, Jimma, Gambella, Arisi, Bale, Harergae, Sidamo, Afar and other regions. Based on this amended manifesto, TPLF has massacred the people living in these regions  since the victims realized the barbaric nature of TPLF and resisted the daylight robbery of their lands and other resources.

The TPLF victims started to rise up in unison to root out the devil that kept them apart for twenty five years. However, Satan reacted swiftly portraying the metaphor of fire and straw. Satan swore that he will continue to spray benzene among ethnic groups to compel them burn each other as straw and fire. This type of ritual again is the ritual of Satan: No human being works hard to compel people burn each other.

Having seen all these satanic deeds and leaving justice aside, the shameless power seekers,  are negotiating with lifelong murderers and life burners. You, the treacherous  negotiators,  please look at the pictures of the massacred children and parents by the streets, rivers, cliffs, mountains, jungles, valleys, mosques and monasteries of Ethiopia! Pay attention to the blood soaked clothes, the fractured skulls, the disfigured faces, the deformed chests, the perforated bellies and amputated extremities. Listen to the cries of the parents and children whose loved ones were massacred! What types of conscience, heart, and gut you have to sit down and negotiate with these kinds of murderers.  Who in the universe gave you the mandate to negotiate with Satan on  behalf of the annihilated Amaras, massacred Oromos, and slaughtered Anguaks, butchered Sidamas , decimated Ogadens,  and many others ?

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As Yihuda negotiated with Satan for thirty Dinars, the loyal opponents are negotiating with Ethiopian murderess for few power chairs. As a result, they will be cursed in  History for evermore  as Yihuda is cursed in Scripture forever and ever.

Note:  Most of the content of this article was published before under the title: Has Christos ever negotiated or reconciled with Satan?

The writer can be reached at abatebelai@yahoo.com

January, 2017


  1. You hate Beyene Petros and Lidetu Ayalew because they did not preach violence from the beginning. Is is apparent that you love Satan because Satan always is competitive and violent and never knows respect. Your article is not about EPRDF, it is about hating people who are civilized. The good thing is that your big diabolic ambition to see Ethiopia destroyed will not come to pass. You are ten thousand times more devilish,hateful and arrogant than corrupt EPRDF officials.

    God loves Ethiopia and Ethiopia will transition to multi-party democracy soon.
    You and the toxic diaspora opposition elites represent Judah, because you want continued Chaos in Ethiopia. If you love Ethiopia, you work for peace, reconciliation, and forgiveness. Ethiopia does not need more violence and fighting.
    God Bless Ethiopia

  2. Ethionative= The woyne recruit internet fighter

    I am sure you have not missed the message of this article, but are trying to divert attention. You are trying MAWONABED!

    If I understood him correctlly, What the writer saying is TPLF lies, betrays, massacres, steals, and does many other devilish actions, hence TPLF is Satan.

    Therefore, it is not possible to negotiate and reconcile with Satan. Can you reconcile with Satan? If you can reconcile with Satan, you must be Satan too. No sane man can reconcile with Satan.

    Similarily, Somone is Yihuda (kehadi) if he is negotating (instead of asking justice) with the murdereres, massacures, jailers, torturers of his commrades, friends, followers, and the people that he thinks represent.

    • I believe in respectful, peaceful, and civilized discussion that creates an atmosphere of reconciliation and truthful dialogue.
      Believe me I am not a politician and not a Tigrean. I believe that Tigreans are the best example of humble and religious people of Ethiopia. I hate ethnic rivalries, especially the one between Amharic speakers and Tigrigna speakers. It has been going on for the past 25 years. Ethiopians need a democratic mindset from both sides. The solution would come faster if those in opposition take the high road and not intreresed in blind political and ethnic rivalary. I do not think EPRDF/TPLF would ever share power with those who are blindly arrogant and bent on destroying some of the good things EPRDF have achieved.

  3. Ethionative

    you said “Believe me I am not a politician and not a Tigrean” kkkkk

    Ya! you are not! kkkkk

    Unless one holds a Moron brain, who believes the traitor, lier and criminal TPLF and its parrot supporters?

    Even those TPLF supporters “monk” Paulos and Mahtias are untrustworhy liers and criminals.


    We don not want to share power with TPLF, we will dismantle it.

  4. First of all the whole biblical analogy in this article is idiotic and sounds like a schizophrenic rant ( if you are mentally ill I recommend you get treatment.)Our non violent opposition leaders are not Judas and Woyane is not Satan, and you are not an angel ( or what ever righteous being you assume to be). We are all people and people can either peacefully resolve their problems or they can get violent. The two patriots of Ethiopia whose name you defieled in this article are doing what they can to bring democracy to Ethiopia, for that I support them and , they need your support as well. This is the most cowardly article I have ever read. What have you done to stand up to the Ethiopian government? I wonder. What have these two politicians gained from the government that you would label them ‘Judas’. What is sad for you is history will remember these two men as patriots who chose non violent opposition to bring democracy for Ethiopia. And you, if anyone remembers you at all, will be remembered as a minor obstacle (like a pot hole in the road) they had to overcome to reach their goal. Please stop trying to discourage the few brave men we have struggling for freedom in Ethiopia.

  5. Ethionative=young Ethiopian, BTW “Chinkent” is forcing you to mention Ethiopia instead of greater Tigrai

    Are you saying TPLF does not betray, massacre, drink people blood, lie, rob, steal and perform other Satanic deeds?

    Is not one who works with Satan called Yihuda?

    Is not the Cadre of Satan and Yihuda like you mouth piece of Satan and Yihuda?

    No doubt God and Poeple will remember TPLF as Satan, those who kill the Satan’s a** as Yihuda and you as mouth piece of Yihuda.

    How dare you say those people who deal with murderers patriots? Shame on you, if you have learned what shame and Yilugnta means when you grew up.

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