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By Wondimu Mekonnen
5th September 2014 will go down the history of Diaspora Ethiopians as a one of the great events in the struggle against the treacherous Woyyane regime. It was the third time that Ethiopians from all over Europe came together to raise a storm on the streets of London. The first was on 8th December 2005 . The 2nd was on 9th April 2009, when Meles Zenawi came to take part on the G20 London at Excel Business Centre. Now this one raising dust in London with a boom!
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    Appeal to the Habesha website editor.
    Stop using our flag as personal property!
    Stop using our sacred national flag with Andaragchew image.
    We are tired of you all!!!! TPLF using its Satanic star image, we are tired of TPDM putting its Axum Obelisk image on our national image.We are tired of the Ethiopian Islamic extremists using our sovereignty map as a Mosque with a star and crescent moon on the top of the map. You people need to stop disrespect our flag. Stop messing up our flag!!!! Stop disrespect our Flag.It is not a rag.We know the Habesha is not going to post it- since the record shows the contrary.What kind of respect is this when people use the flag to change its feature as if it is cheap of cloth?
    We are tired of you disrespecting the flag!!!!!!!!! If the Habesha decline to post this- we make sure our people read it in another media.But, we send this for the record.Zehabesha, we ask you not to post our flag that has any image in the middle of the flag. We were wounded for it. You did not. So please respect veterans who died and wounded for the flag. Flag is not Andargachew’s property. People can demonstrate as they like- but stop messing the image of our flag, by putting images in the middle.

  2. Eritrean intelligence agents had played a role in the abduction of Ethiopian opposition leader Ato Andargachew Tsige, many people have received the news with great shock. Those of us who are well-informed about what is going on in today’s Eritrea, however, were not surprised. Because for the Eritrean intelligence to kidnap and murder Ethiopian opposition leaders is not a new thing. It started several years ago and the first prominent Ethiopian to fall victim was Ato Fisseha Hailemariam, the founder and dynamic young leader of the Tigray People’s Democratic Movement (TPDM). Fisseha was gunned down after leaving the field office an Eritrean intelligence agent in 2008. Ethiopian Review is preparing a special report on the murder of Ato Fisseha Hailemariam. hailemariam desalegn’s wife Roman Tesfaye is an Eritrean. Hailemariam Desalegn’s advisors are Eritrean. Isayas and Hailemariam are too close to each other it is hard to say they are not one.

  3. This was what happened , he missed the flight and had been advised by ticket personal the next flight would be after four days or there is another flight via Yamane if he want to take and Andargachew took the next flight after five hours and the Wayane intelligent informed . Andargachew stayed three days before the took him to Ethiopia. This was what really happened .MR Elias
    ELias please do’t be someone spokesman ,it shows me that your intelligent is poor or ……

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