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Like a Little Boy, Abay Tsehaye is Hiding behind Helen’s Skirt

By LJDemissie September 13, 2016

To keep a grip on the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front’s (TPLF) power and throne, Abay Tsehaye – an executive member of the Central Committee for many years – is running a disinformation campaign in the wake of the Amhara’s peaceful protests in Gondar. To discredit and humiliate the Gondar protesters, he claimed the protesters selectively attacked Tigrayans who were residing in Gondar and forced them to leave the region. To agitate Tigrayans, he compared the protesters acts with the Rwandan genocide against the Tuts. He implied that Ethiopia would disintegrate if the TPLF would be forced to lose its grip on power. And the situation would turn out to be a civil war like Syria’s turmoil.

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  1. What else can be expected from an idiotic Tigre? This is an ugly buffoon who is bereft of brain, education, culture, decency, and conscience? The thug has an at best a double digit IQ like most of the killer Tigres.

    He has embezzled millions of dollars from the shame sugar corporation along with the members of his Tigre occupation army.

    What I think most about quite curiously, is whether these wicked Tigres and their servants will be lynched or face justice before they meet their maker.

  2. We know Evil Tigres blame game they play, they killed and comitting genocide on Amharas and accuse the victim Amharas as criminals comitting Genocide on Tigrians.
    The fact of the matter is that the so called displaced innocent Tigrians involved in the killing of peaceful Amhara protesters.

  3. Thank you sir!
    You have shown what it means to be magnanimous! Yes, Helen Hailu, an ignorant young lady to whom Abay Tsehaye and Sibhat Nega could be Great Grandfathers have become a victim of her very own Grand fathers. We did not expect anything other than hate and bigotry from these unfortunate old men. And they cannot be cured from their more than three quarters of a century illness what ever medication they are prescribed during the last days of their life. Those who (the West or home grown optimists) attempt to reform TPLF/EPRDF must be fools who are attempting to cure an illness that has no cure other than the ultimate phenomenon which would death.

  4. “… hate is too great a burden to bear…” I hope that the haters can search their sole and make themselves free from the burden of hate they bear and self betrayal. In particular, those living out of the country. I can’t imagine how one can turn into barbarian/mindless/air head with hate propaganda of the thugs/hate mongers/Hitlerites while residing in democratic countries. They are free to read,lesson and formulate their opinion. Are they fearful of their crime they commited to their consiousness or whatelse could it be?
    As the saying goes, “Never forget that everthing Hitler did in Germany was legal” MLK. We need to remind ourselves that Hitler didn’t betray himself. But millions of Germans did betray their selves. Thus, it is the self that must not be betryed.

  5. He is Syrian. This long staying terrorizing by the regime that Ethiopia will disintegrate if they are removed is such a big fallacy.
    Ethiopia has never, ever disintegrated in its entire history. Even in the worst of circumstances. What wasn’t there will not just happen.
    They are saying this to make people afraid that they may lose their country. They are idiots and bad people. Don’t listen to them.

  6. You Nephetegnea haters. You will not get anywhere because you are hater and you do not have the capacity to remove woyanes. it has been now 25 years since you told us Woyanes days were finished? Now you are abusing technology to preach your hatred.

    I am afraid, woyanes are here to stay until you die.

  7. It is really sad that the Woyane mafia gangsters including Sibhat Negga, Debresion, Abay Woldu, Abay Tsehay, Samora Yenus, Bereket Simon, Seyoum Mesfin, Tewodros Adhanom, Berhane G. Christos, Getachew Assefa and the rest of TPLF/Woyane. This also include their slaves in ANDM, OPDO, and SEPP including Kassu Ilala, Shiferaw Shigute, Adissu Legesse, Tefera Waluwa, Kassa Tekleberhan, Abadula Gemeda, and others. The leaders, members, and supporters of Woyane and the rest of EPRDF allied parties had been and still are terrorize 95 million Ethiopians for demanding their freedom, respect, the rule of laws, and democratic governance. They are in reality a collection of delusional, narcissists, and psychopaths mad men who are deeply flawed and don’t have any hope of becoming sane and healthy. They planned and coordinated ethnic cleansings, genocide, extra judicial murders, racism, ethnic apartheid, and interethnic violence in Oromia, Amhara, Ogaden, Sidamo, Gambella, for the last twenty five years. Because they collectively are delusional they are incapable of understanding their mistakes and change their narcissistic actions and behaviors. It is time to ensure that these murderers to go and go quickly before they kill millions of innocent Ethiopians. Ethiopians have to invoke the right to self-defense and should be obligated to disable, dismantle, and destroy Woyane and its supporting entities. They are increasingly becoming like Hitler of Germany who perpetuated unbelievable crimes of murdered twenty million German Jewish and Russian peasants.

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