Letter on Why US Should Review Its Foreign Aid to Ethiopia

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New York (TADIAS) — This week in a letter to the U.S. House Appropriations Subcommittee on Foreign Relations, Colorado Congressman Mike Coffman, whose district includes the vibrant Denver-area Ethiopian community, urged his colleagues to review the more than $500 million American taxpayers dollars for Fiscal Year 2017 in USAID program to Ethiopia. The letter comes the same week as the Ethiopian government announced the four-month extension of its strict emergency ban.

“I write to you today at the request of many of the Ethiopian Americans whom I represent in Congress,” Coffman said in the March 30th, 2017 letter addressed to the committee’s Chairman and Ranking member, Rep. Hal Rogers of Kentucky and Rep. Nita Lowey of New York. “These continents have brought to my attention what they view as an ongoing campaign of human rights violations in their homeland of Ethiopia.” The Congressman continued: “They are convinced that these serious human rights violations are the result of an organized and concerted effort perpetrated by the Ethiopian government.”

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The letter, which was shared with us by members of the Ethiopian American community, goes on to highlight the arrest and detention of journalists, students, activists and political leaders.

“In light of these abuses and the United States’ stated strategy of strengthening democratic institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa, I believe it is important for you to review the current Aid program to Ethiopia to essure that the aid provided is not subsidizing a government apparently committed to the systematic abuse of its own citizens and reduction of the democratic space within its borders,” the letter said. “I respectfully request that the subcommittee include language ensuring the suspension of appropriations FY2018 foreign assistance for Ethiopia pending its government’s implementation of real, concrete and measurable humanitarian reforms as outlined in H.Res. 128.” Re. Coffman added: I believe that doing so will communicate to the Ethiopian government how seriously the United States views these human rights violations.”

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  1. I don’t think cutting off such very critical form of aid will be something that would catch the attention of despots. Its unintended consequences will hurt the poor that benefits from this generous aid by the American people. I am quite sure that US officials will look into it that any of this aid will be used to bankroll the institutions accused of gross human rights violations. It is my conviction that severance of humanitarian aids and any form of boycott will have any immediate adverse consequences on a seating regime. In stead, the one that will bear the brunt of the hardship is the poor people and small peddlers that benefits from such charity. What the US should do is keep nagging the heck out of the regime behind their closed door meeting. Please do not forget the gorilla in the room. China would love to see every African nation disengages itself from the West in general and the Good Ole USA in particular. USA should not do anything that will play right into the hands of the big Chinese scheme which is already spending its money in hundreds of billions of dollars in all kinds of aids to woo away the entire continent. Africa especially our old country possesses immense natural resources still untapped. The entire Ethiopia except for some random spots in the country has not been fully examined yet. Minerals of the future such as lithium and other rare metals are suspected to be buried waiting to be discovered deep the mountain wombs of those giant mountains. That is what the Chinese are salivating on. And China does not know what democracy means and does not want to know what it means. Sebhat Nega and his brainchild ‘drivers’(that is not limited to Tigray but they are from almost every ethnic group) do not want to know what democracy means. In fact, from his recent speech I saw in one those videos of public debates, he wants us to know that he is the only one who knows about the ‘real’ history of our people. None of us has any idea about. We all know squat. That is because he was born with it, I guess. That means he already knew the history of our people even before he was born. So it will be a perfect marriage with the Chinese without the presence of USA with its might on the ground. That is why any severance of US aids aches me. And then again, I may be wrong here but someone has to prove it to me is practical ways.

  2. Please read that as:

    ‘I am quite sure that US officials will look into it that any of this aid will not be used to bankroll’

  3. Ittu Aba Farda, sorry for the naivety of your analysis. . I seems that you have taken it for granted that the USA aid, for that matter any foreign aid, to Ethiopia reaches the poor. Don’t you know that one of the sources to fatten Woyane’s pocket is the aid money? Come on Ittu! This is a simple fact. The regime steals even relief aids for the drought stricken areas. Whether USA stops or continues to give its aids, the Chinese would continue to colonize Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular, as long as there are bandits that sell the national interest of the country. America knows when its interest is really in danger. After all China is great business partner of USA. Raw materials go to China, manufactured in there, finished products then exported to USA. You see, the circle is complete.

    Above all Ato Ittu, never would foreign aids alleviate the plights of backward countries. Hard and smart work of its citizens under a good governance would bring growth and development. This has been said a million times, but the condition continues to exist because the alliance between despots and multinational economic and geopolitical interests never let it go.

    “Yemanim Erdata bafinchaye yiwuta”, as long as it goes into the hands of brutal and bottomless pit such as TPLF. Foreign help is good only when there is a trust worthy government ‘by the people, for the people’.

  4. The poor always get hurt more if woyane get funding from the western country one thing you got to realized woyane they are ethnic minority organizations they dont have single concern for the ethiopian peoples if you want a proof look at them how they act in america they came here as ethiopian and after they managed entry in america some of them denied they ever been ethiopian that is woyane peoples for you they were and are cancers so its the better to get them off from power by drying their incomes first and we will confronted them with weapons if they like or negotiations that they will get peaceful passages from the country by giving power for the ethiopian peoples that is what exactly we should do peoples with their life stock dying every single day in ethiopia when illiterate tigray being commander of the armed forces its a shame

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