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Letter of Protest to the UN Security Council (Moresh Wegenie Amara Organization (MWAO))

MoreshMoresh Wegenie Amara Organization (MWAO) is a nonprofit civic organization, established to be the voice for the voiceless people of the Amara ethnic group in Ethiopia. The Amara are one of the 81 ethnic groups in Ethiopia, and account for about 35 percent of the total population of the country. MWAO has been registered in September 2012 as a 501( c ) entity in the State of Maryland, USA. The Organization operates throughout the world, and has branch offices in Europe, Australia and Canada. This letter is written to file a formal complaint regarding the report ‘SEMG S/2014/727’ dated 13 October 2014. I would like to bring to your attention specifically to the content and implications of the text stated on page 31, paragraph 78, which states “Ginbot Sebat is a banned opposition group formed in 2005 by Amhara political elites committed to regime change in Ethiopia through armed struggle.” We are utterly baffled by the motive behind this false information and data contained in the SEMG report, which, we believe, has led to a wrong conclusion about the grave situation the Amaras are in Ethiopia. MWAO would like to take this opportunity to request the Committee and the UN Security Council to expunge this misleading reference to Amaras from its official records.–Read More—–

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