Letter of Appeal to the Saudi Embassy in DC and their branch offices in Saudi Arabia

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By Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)
Ambassador Al-Jubeir

Photo: File
Photo: File

Dear Minter of Culture Saudi Arabia sair@saudinf.com
Dear Sir/Sirs
Frankly speaking, I do not think I should write my complaint letter of email with respect to your office. This is simply fact that you, as one of the educated forces in the Saudi Society, is letting the Saudi repressive and tyrannical culture to continue apply its barbaric, inhuman act which demonstrated full of cruelty against the thousands of Ethiopian immigrant children, pregnant, elders and sick patients for many years until present time. In the hope you feel my anger; I start my complaint with anger of appeal through you towards the Saudi religious police who are completely motivated with inhuman character causing so many tears to flow in the land o Saudi Arabia cities and roads.
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    The following is the
    Office of the King and Prime Minister, Royal Diwan, Riyadh email address that I sent.
    I have send to other Saudi Embassies and UN Saudi Representative also. Just Google important addresses and email or call them.
    Getachew Reda

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