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Tegenaw Goshu
July 28, 2021

I am not writing this piece to provoke unnecessary dialogue or conversation. It is just to suggest that as the way we engage in certain arguments or debates or conversations matters a lot, it is better to express ourselves accordingly instead of storming each other with all kinds of very personal, ugly, and unproductive words and phrases that have nothing to do with the points of view of our political thinking and beliefs.

This piece refers to a comment by a compatriot on my recent piece titled “The Terrible Paradox of Our Political Behavior “on the Zehabesha web site.

  Let me say that as a person who sincerely believes that it is any person’s right to express his or her points of view regardless of being wrong or right, I appreciate you for expressing your views the way you feel it.  It is from this perspective that I understand your comment and I have no problem with it. It is of course the way we develop a sense of civility and exercise the culture of democracy.

However, I want to say that though it is any person’s right to do so, it is much and much better to make our arguments relevant to the very matter or subject we are engaged in and concerned about, not making unproductive diversion of personal attack and characterization of our own very personal matters. I have never and I will never engage myself in this kind of ugly and unproductive way of conversation. I strongly believe and argue that it is wrong to say a person is stupid or idiot as a person or human being or dealing with his or her own life. There is a very big difference between saying that a person’s political personality as a leader of a country or political party or any political figure is wrong or stupid or idiot on the one hand, and saying that a person is personally or as a human being stupid or idiot on the other hand. The first part is quite appropriate as we need to call a spade a spade whenever necessary, whereas the second one is wrong as it is a direct attack on one’s personal behavior and private life.

So, it is the right thing to call a person’s political idea or thinking or behavior or action is terribly stupid or idiotic especially if that person is neither willing nor able to learn from what went wrong and try to make it right.

I hate to say but I have to say that this is the most miserable political illness of our ruling elites who are not willing and able to cleanse their bloody hands with a real sense of regret and apology and move forward with a very genuine political personality and agenda.

I am sorry to say but I have to say that it is impossible to be sure about the very continuation of Ethiopia as we have known her for a long and long period of history leave alone to see the realization of Democratic and strong Ethiopia under the incumbent ruthless merchants of the politics of ethno-centrism! I wish it could be possible. But the very hard reality of the past three decades that keeps going much more miserable does not show the possibility we aspire.

Now, the question is why and how?  It is because we do not seem genuinely willing and able to break the very vicious cycle of failure which is so nonsensical.  Aspiring the making of democratic Ethiopia on the one hand, and being victims of very cynical, dishonest, narcissist, hypocritical, conspiratorial and above all brutal ruling elites of the politics of ethnocentrism is wrong. Yes, dancing a monstrous dance with them is the most idiotic political paradox!

I wish you could challenge my very clear and straightforward comments by showing me point by point instead of trying to throw out all kinds of personal attack and insult. Try to sincerely think about how this kind of thinking can help us to get out of the very protracted and horrifying national crisis and embarrassment caused by our miserably repeated failure.

Can you convince me why and how I am dead wrong by pointing out what happened for the past three years and what is happening right now? Can you see all those mothers, fathers, children, babies, … whose lives have been tragically cut off, living a not better than the dead , and more miserably with no hope in their own homeland because of the very ruthless merchants of the politics of ethnic identity?
Can you understand  the very nonsensical ethnocentric palace politics that was not and is not willing and able to prevent an absolute devastation of towns such as Ataye and its surroundings not far from the Arat Klio place?
Don’t you know what happened and what is happening in Oromia and Benishangul? Don’t you know that the prime minister is posting his picture of planting seedlings around the street of his office whereas kids or children of tomorrow are suffering from all kinds of horrifying situations (uprooted forever, starved to death, facing an absolute despair and hopelessness) almost in all parts of the country?
what kind of political and leadership personality is this? How it makes sense to defend this kind of very nonsensical political personality?
 By the way, have you ever asked your conscience why Abyi Ahemd retreated and continued to retreat his army from the region he declared very admirable victory?
Are we witnessing the military (defense force) fighting the fight in the real sense of the term?
Why don’t we ask ourselves and try to get some sort of understanding instead of being victims of very monotonous and misleading political propaganda?
Yes, TPLF is a terrible factor of the devastating situation our country  is facing! But the other faction of  EPRDF is another terrible factor of the untold and endless sufferings! Is this not true? Let us find out with the reasonable part of our mind!

Yes, the Abay dam is a great project that must be safeguarded with the very coordinated way of doing things. No body with his or her right mind objects this very noble project or investment!

My argument is that it is terribly wrong not to challenge the very cynical and ruthless ruling elites because of the very hard reality of 1) killing the generation that could make the country kind of heaven on earth leave alone dams and roads. Expecting innocent mothers and fathers who lost not only one or two but multiple  of  sons and daughters to be happy or to dance the monstrous dance for the sake of the dam under construction is stupidly ruthless.
What will be our answer if those parents who lost their loved ones and with no any meaningful sense of living challenge us with the very question of what does citizen or Ethiopian mean? b) Sacrificing the very objective and principle of making a democratic country in which all the very fundamental human and democratic rights of citizens for the sake of  any project that can be done miraculously by a free and respected  generation  is not the right priority at all! Killing the generation as the result of the deadly politics of ethnic identity and talking and dancing about the process of this or that project will not take us the long last victory we desperately need because we are killing its guarantor (the generation itself ).

That is why I strongly argue that the struggle is two-pronged ; fighting for the realization of genuine democracy and doing what is good for long-term common good such as protecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country and getting critical or strategical projects done.

But it is tragic to allow the two factions or juntas of EPRDF (TPLF and Prosperity) to continue their barbaric politics of ethnocentrism. And using the rhetoric of doing this or that project to make the people docile or submissive subjects of cynical and deadly political agenda and objective is stupidly brutal.
It must be clear that the very noble idea of sovereignty nor the completion of this or that project will never have any genuine and reliable guarantee under these very hypocritical, conspiratorial, cynical, disingenuous, ruthless, and of course dangerous ruling elites of the politics of ethnocentrism.
If we are seriously tired and sick of the political culture and history of aspiring socio-economic development without the realization and guarantee of real democratic system, there is a very serious risk to be fooled by those ruling elites who continued their crime infested political system with all its evil-driven constitution and institutions .



  1. It is the same blabbering and self-aggrandizing attempt to feed a very weak and ill-natured ego. Let me start by quoting one of the best poems written by Nuredin Issa. አልሆንልህ ሲልህ ማደግ እና መግዘፍ ከታላቆች መሃል አንዱን መርጠህ ዝለፍ is what exactly you are doing. Let’s see a scenario that PM Abiy is left his post. Do you think you and people like you who are complaining day and night could solve these problems of such magnitude in a miracle within a year or two? You can weep week long by mentioning the grass is green and the youth who suffers along with their families here and there, Benishanguil and Oromiya and Tigray which is perpetrated by all kinds of evils, and you want to put the blame squarely on the prime minister who is adored and re-elected by 38 million of Ethiopians who admires his leadership capacity and believe in him to lead this nation out of the trench while you and the likes of you are shading crocodile tears from afar and hurling your ax along with the USA, European Union countries, Egypt and Sudan to chop the head. You don’t even know the timing when to cry foul. Look at your compatriots all over the websites, they stood along with the people of Ethiopia in this difficult time when that poor country is under siege from all over the place and you want to help all the enemies of your country by giving them a tool to undermine the legitimate prime minister who has been chosen by an overwhelmed majority of Ethiopians. Get a lesson from your ancestors, if they fight each other in a normal time, they stood together until they removed the threat of their sovereignty and they go back to their fight. Now you better choose your time to be antagonistic and remove the PM from his office. Or do you want to hand over the prime minister ship to your uncles merrara gudina, siye abraha and tamrat layne. Grow up and leave your country alone man!! Or if you are complaining about the doomsday of Ethiopia, please also write about the solution. Don’t shoot your leg and be wise to choose the time to talk about your end of the world theory and beware not to be cannon fodder to the west who are aiming to disintegrate that country of ours, yours, his, her, and mine.

  2. “A smart man knows what to say.
    A wise man knows whether or not to say it.”
    Dear Tegenaw Goshu,
    Up on completion of your two articles posted on Zehabesha.com dated 07/24/21 and 07/28/21,I was impressed by your writing skill and richness of vocabularies. You are intelligent, smart, articulate and courageous lo let out your feelings. Like you, I was furious at PM Abiy for not stopping the killing and displacement of the people based on their Ethnicity. On behalf of the Dallas Ethiopian Community Forum, we wrote an open letter to the Premier and posted it on social media sites including the PM Office.
    Because of the filling of the GERD Dam, Ethiopia is under attack by Egypt and its allies(US, EU, Sudan and their terrorist puppet TPLF, CNN led by Nima Elbagir, BBC, Reuters , UN OCHA, Amnesty International etcetera ) based on fake news, misinformation and disinformation. The people back home and the diaspora community is expressing its support for Ethiopia not just Abiy. In view of these circumstances, I just think that your criticism of PM Abiy is unproductive and untimely other than serving the enemy. You are smart but not wise enough to choose the proper time.
    Having said this, I wanted to highlight on the following:
    You treat TPLF and PROSPERITY as if they are one and the same. The ideology of EPRDF was Revolutionary Democracy, a social system that never existed in the world but created by Meles Zenawi as a case study for Ethiopia(Ethnic Federalism).
    The Soviets created a transition system for non developed Asian, African and Latin American countries as it was difficult for them to build a socialist system without industrialization per Marx. This transition is called the National Democratic Revolution. The main players are the Proletariat and the Peasant. The government of President Mengistu followed this model.
    China under Mao Zedong reformed the NDR and created its own transition called the New Democratic Revolution by including the Petty Bourgeoisie and the intellectuals. EPRP followed this model.
    TPLF used the Albanian model called the Popular Democratic Revolution during the guerilla struggle and changed it to the Revolutionary Democracy after the fall of Mengistu Haile Mariam. This brain child of Meles Zenawi facilitated parties and regions to be organized based on Ethnicity. In contrary, Prosperity is organized as a single party for all Ethnic groups.
    The whole world knows that TPLF started the war in Tigray. Accordingly, the blame goes to TPLF. As they say, the rest is history.
    Any inconvenience that this comment might cause is deeply regretted.
    Solomon Tadesse
    Boston, Massachusetts

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