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Let Habtamu Ayalew Be Allowed To Travel Abroad For Life-saving Medical Care Immediately !

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Habtamu Ayalew

We request that Habtamu Ayalew is allowed to travel abroad for life-saving medical treatment immediately and unconditionally.

Habtamu Ayalew is one among the few young prominent political leaders in Ethiopia. He was a public relation chief of the then popular and legally registered party in Ethiopia, the UDJ (Unity Of Democracy and Justice).  He was the chairman of the peaceful “Millions’ Voices for land reform” movement, which was known for organizing peaceful public rallies and demonstrations all over Ethiopia.   His politics has been the politics of love, peace, and reconciliation.

A year prior to the 2015 election, which the ruling party claimed to have won 100%, Habtamu Ayalew was arrested in June 2014, accused of being a “terrorist”, of which no shreds of evidence were presented by the prosecutor . After 18 months of incarceration in rat-infested notorious Ethiopian prisons, and inhumane torture at the hands of security forces, he was released on bail.

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As a result of months of torture, he came out with acute hemorrhoids and serious kidney problems on both sides.  His doctors have recommended that he travel abroad for medical treatment because they do not have the necessary tools to treat him.

His friends and supporters contributed money into a medical fund for his medical treatment. However, the government of Ethiopia, refused to allow him to travel. Habtamu Lawyers appealed to the court stating that his life is in danger to no avail. The court, often believed to be controlled directly by the government rejected the appeal.

Habtamu Ayalew is now in a critical situation. On June the 28th 2016 his situation quickly deteriorated and had to be sent to a hospital in a comma. Doctors within Ethiopia, couldn’t do anything other than giving him pain killers.

We are fighting to save the life of Habtamu Ayalew, and we need your help to do so. Your support of this petition will tell the leaders of the Eprdf, that they should allow him to leave the country for medical treatment immediately.

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Will you please sign to help save Habtamu?

This petition will be delivered to:

  • Prime Minister of Ethiopia
  • United States Ambassador in Addis Ababa
  • United States State Department of State
  • Human Rights Campaign
  • Amnesty International
  • European Commission
  • United Kingdom Foreign minister

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