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Video: Lemma Megersa on Oromo-Somali conflict

Lemma Megersa on Oromo-Somali conflict

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  1. From all the wild wolves running the country, this man is genuinely a true Ethiopian Oromo. He sees clearly the enemy is within. He understands the forces who are behind the conflict pushing our people to kill each other for no valid reason. Lemma Megersa is a humble and cerebral person in his own class. I wish people like him become the leader of our country.
    Bekele Gerba, Dr. Merera Gudina and many others from all parts of the country will not be jailed had they been rallying with the TPLF to divide the country along ethnic and language boundaries. Their crime was to question the killings of the TPLF and their demand to stop ethnic division. Andualem Aragie is jailed on trumped up charges to silence him. He has done no crime. His crime is to challenge TPLF in public.
    The true character of the TPLF is to divide and rule. To create conflict and starve and displace people. To eliminate anyone that thinks and breathes anything related to the oneness of the country. TPLF is quick to recognize people’s ethnic identity because it gives people a temporary euphoria and more time for TPLF to fleece the country’s resources to Tigray and abroad. A government that is struggling to feed its own people will not spend time and resources to fuel the killings of Oromos by Somali Ethiopians or vice versa. All peace loving Ethiopians regardless of your ethnic identity need to stand up as one and denounce the killing of our people and the systematic depletion of the country’s resource by a single narrow minded ethnic group. Ethiopia must be for all, equally enjoyed, regardless of their religion, creed or ethnic and language barriers. We must understand division weakens and invites other known and unknown enemies to take advantage of the situation. For those who still think lining up with ethnic and language camps is the best choice, I say to you this: Forget your ethnic tag, have your DNA checked and you will be amazed when you find out, you are not what you think you are. You belong to the global community.

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