Leaked: Let's go back 17 years | by Hadush Kassu 

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Let’s go back 17 years.

by Hadush Kassu | Director General at Federal Government Communication Affairs Office of Ethiopia

Debretsion was second in command to then Intelligence Chief Kinfe Gebremedhin. He was also his close confidant who knew about Kinfe’s offshore account where he had kept large sums of money siphoned off from public coffers.
When Kinfe was assasinated, Debretsion tried to find a way to transfer these funds from Kinfe’s account in National Westminister Bank, UK, to his own without the knowledge of Kinfe’s son, Leul.

However, a Malaysia based consultant advised him that the only viable course of action to get the funds is to ask the bank to transfer the money to Kinfe’s son and ‘collect it from him.’ He was also advised to withhold information from the bank about where the money would end up.
Whether he succeeded or not is a different matter but their exchanges (including others) show Debretsion tried to hoodwink Kinfe’s family and transfer the funds directly to his own account. Most importantly this is evidence that TPLF officials have offshore accounts where they keep money stolen from the Ethiopian people. The money belongs neither to Kinfe’s son nor to Debretsion.
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  1. It is no wonder such deep party secrets are being leaked daily after the election of Dr. D/Tsion as TPLF head. It is my view TPLF is fractured deeper than the San Andreas fault line. More TPLF secrets will continue to be released by their own cadres and comrades without abating. After all, TPLF’s history is full of atrocities, greed, killings, disappearance and making themselves millionaires over night. They have no virtue ethics what so ever!
    The killings of Kinfe was carried out by the direct order of Meles as it is the case with Hayelom Araya. The hundreds of so called TPLF military officers with the rank of Colonel and above are sharing the spoils of the Ethiopian people’s resources assuring no force will disrupt their cash cow. The attempt to get control of the late Kinfe’s account by Dr. D/Tsion is not a surprise. TPLF works as the Italian Mafia. This is the government who fakes military ranks to get more money from the UN from its peace keeping soldiers. I will give another example, in no other country on Earth 10 Tons of Coffee will disappeared from warehouse. In TPLF’s Ethiopia; the 10 ton Coffee disappeared in broad day light and got sold and the profit was divided up among the TPLF leading mafia figures. If anyone doubts TPLF steals and amasses resources abroad, follow the trails with their relatives, kids and businesses that are fully paid by the TPLF high ranking officials and military officers with the money snatched from the Ethiopian people. One more example, the flight from Addis to New Delhi was smooth. After landing the customs agent finds a huge amount of gold from one of the passengers. He alerted security and things were in motion till someone from higher ups called and bribed everyone in line to release the gold. The gold was released and sold to Indian merchants. The money was deposited to an off shore account. If anyone saw the movie “God Father”series, TPLF is way beyond that in its atrocities and dealing. Ethiopia has never faced such narrow minded government in its long history. In light what we witness on a daily basis, Dr. D/Tsion’s attempt to snatch Kinfe’s account only tells us their greed is limitless. Nothing more!

  2. If the above information is truly leaked from the source, then the TPLF’s rule is about to collapse. They can not continue staying in power as their greed and incompetence is being exposed left and right!! They have gotten away for so long with putting in place an internal colonization where they planned and acted upon dividing Ethiopians in to tribal beings and diminished the unity of Ethiopianism. Now, Ethiopians need to educate our selves and others how to defeat a colonizer. TPLF is not an Ethiopian government. It is an internal colonizer that must be crushed and eliminate from our land!!

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