Leaked Email: Esayas Dagnew & Debretsion Gebremichael – by Haddush Kassu

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Esayas Dagnew is the Chief Operating Officer of Ethio-Telecom who Debretsion considers his right hand man. He is also the brother of B.Gen. Kinfe Dagnew, head of METEC. Rumor has it he’s being lined up to be the next CEO replacing Andualem Admassie but that won’t be easy while having a tag on his back as one of the most openly corrupt. Debretsion’s departure is another bad news for him.
In 2013 when the Federal Police Commission launched a major investigation against him on a case involving illegal procurement, Debretsion intervened to have the case temporarily closed. The police have asked the board to supply its ‘internal investigations’ in 2017 and the case is still pending. Diriba Kuma knows full well about this but this is not the point of this post.

In the email below, Esayas recruits new board members for Ethio-Telecom and sends his recommendations to Debretsion. The problem with this is the board’s responsibility is to oversee the work of the executives, including Esayas and Andualem (CEO). If potential board members are recruited by an executive who will eventually be overseen by the same board, how do we expect the board to evaluate Esayas’ performance without bias? This leaves room for back door deals between the board and the executives. Needs explanation.
What I find interesting in his email.
1. He suggests Mekuria Haile, then board chairman, be removed and replaced by none other than the notorious Abay Tsehaye. He seems to have succeeded in having Mekuria removed. Mekuria is now pursuing his PhD studies in South Korea. Abay needs no introduction.
2. He recommends the removal of Mesfin Belachew (PhD) after the latter challenges them that some of Debretsion’s instructions are in breach of procedures. He goes on to call him names. Mesfin was eventually removed from the board in January 2017.
3. He calls Tewolde Gebremariam, CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, obnoxious and says ‘he thinks he’s the best in the whole wide world’. Esayas pulled no punches but didn’t succeed in having him removed.
4. He reserves his most vicious attack for Major Biniam Tewolde of INSA declaring him ‘unfit for such roles” and accusing him of “lacking maturity”. Ouch
Ethio-Telecom, by all accounts, is one of the most corrupt places to work. It is the country’s sole Telecom provider but if you visit its website you will be hard pressed to find anything of value, not even the names/profiles of board members. The email sheds light on what goes on behind closed doors.
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  1. It time to flash out those TPLF settelers and looters from FINNFINNE …
    They minority apartheid regime controls all aspects of life of over 80 mllion people…..,,,,!
    Every body wonder really how this can happen? What happened the nativ people of Oromia and other oppressed nations before NOW ….?

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