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Kinijit- The Way of Peace

It has been 17 months since the people have spoken for Peace and “Ethiopiawinet” and 15 months since the people’s Leaders have been incarcerated. The ghosts of war and blood shed are circling around our land. Various groups are organizing themselves to confront the EPRDF militarily for they think it is the only language it understands. The ruling party has been gearing up to sacrifice the lives of young Ethiopians in Somalia in an attempt to gain favors from its “lords”. In Northern Ethiopia tense military build ups are continuing. All these shows that the cloud on top of our land is a cloud of blood shed and war.

The Spirit of war, hate, revenge and tribalism are controlling systematically the hearts and minds of some is us. We are being possessed by demons. We are heading into the wrong direction. Tribal groups whose foundations and principles are anything, but “Ethiopiawinet” are taking the stage.
Where are the voices of reason, peace and reconciliation? Where is the alternative to war? Where is the alternative to ethnic and tribal politics? Where is the alternative to revenge? Where is the alternative to hate?
Dear Fellow Ethiopians, I havea good news. There is an alternative that Ethiopians had never had before, but has been introduced by KINIJIT. KINIJIT has shown a unique and dynamic alternative to solving our problems. The alternative of Kinijit is an alternative of peace, love, Ethiopiawinet and reconciliation. The alternative of Kinijit is an alternative where disputes are resolved with civil dialogueDear fellow Ethiopians:

When Kinijit presented its alternative to the people many thought it was a foolish alternative that do not deserve support. Many thought it was a waste of time and energy. On May 7th 2005 more than 3 million people came out in full force to rally behind Kinijit and to show their overwhelming endorsement for Kinijit and its programs On May 15th 2005, Ethiopians all over the land reaffirmed again their support with their ballot. Ethiopians said No to war, No to hate, No to revenge and No to ethnic politics.
The alternative of Kinijit has been so convincing that the EPRDF could not handle it anymore. Without an army, security forces and the support of outside powers Kinijit has been able to stand against the power of evils.
Kinijit is no longer just a political party. It has become a movement and the symbol of Ethiopiawinet and peaceful resistance. From Kaliti Prison, the Vice Chairwoman of Kinijit, Judge Birtukan Mideksa wrote: “Kinijit was just an alternative political party before the election debates. Its transformation to being the spirit of resistance against tyranny was both dramatic and intense. As this spirit chews Ethiopians at home and abroad, our nation can no longer be tamed.” .Kinijit has transformed itself from being a political party to being a movement. Some may want to see it only as a political party. Some may want to see it go away all together. However, Kinijit has a unique and invincible place in the heart of the majority of Ethiopians. All Ethiopians who aspire for freedom, human dignity and “Ethiopiawinet” are embracing Kinijit. All Ethiopians who are tired of the politics of hate and division have given thumbs up to Kinijit. “On the first day of November, EPRDF’s security men dragged the leaders of Kinijit away from our homes and assigned us a new home, at prison, hoping that the ignited flame of liberation would have stopped flickering soon” , explained Judged Birtukan Mideksa. The EPRDF may have thought it would silence this movement. Meles may have put his confidence on his Agazii troops. However, the movement expanded and reached out to millions with dramatic speed. Judge Birtukan added:” Our incarceration hasn’t liquidated the spirit of freedom. Instead, it degrades those who are fighting against it into something hateful and undignified. Toughened by the crack down on dissent and other forms of oppression, other democrats, genuinely committed to the cause of liberty, and equality are emerging”
It is right, the EPRDF forces have locked up our heroes and heroines. It is right, Kinijit Leaders in Kaliti are facing unbearable pains and heavy discomfort in their cell. It is right, their children are deprived quality time with their fathers and mothers locked up in Kaliti. It is right their families are economically hurt. However, millions of Eng. Hailu Shawels, Birtukan Mideksas, Muluneh Eyuels, Professor Mesfin Woldemariams and Dr Berhanu Negas have been produced. We are all the new Dr Yacobs, Dr Befekadus, Dr. Hailus, Eng. Gizachews and Woiz. Nigists—all democrats dedicated to the peaceful struggle for democratic governance, human rights and the rule of law to take hold in our beloved Motherland.
Kinijit has introduced a new politics. A letter from Kinijit Leaders in Kaliti says: “Kinijit’s open-minded, inclusive and accommodating politics has received great support from the public. There is no way back to the old sickness of divisive politics”. The new politics of Kinijit is a politics of open-mindedness, inclusiveness and accommodation. Creative ideas, suggestions and recommendations are welcomed. Criticism and dissents are valued. Kinijit is open and accommodating. It is not a club of the privileged where only the few are allowed to talk and to be listened. Kinijit is open to all.
The accommodating principles of Kinijit might innocently be taken by some as compromising one’s principles. Kinijit Leaders have offered an olive branch even to EPRDF members. For Kinijit no Ethiopian is an enemy of Ethiopia. Kinijit is for an Ethiopia where everyone could freely express his/her ideas and contribute to his country.
This is KINIJIT!
There is a choice to make here. There are two twin roads. One road is the road that leads to destruction and misery. There is another road that leads to Peace, Democracy and Ethiopian Unity. The road that Kinijit took is the road of Peace. Let us all support Kinijit and fulfill our historic responsibility. Let us work for one and unique Ethiopia whose people are equally respected regardless of ethnic affiliation, religion, gender and age. Let us speak loud and clear that WAR and HATE are behind us.
For far too long, we have been looking for others to sacrifice for us, for too long we have been hiding behind the suffering of others, for too long we have been hiding in our closets and avoiding responsibility, for too long we have been benefiting by the demise of others, for much too long we have been silent on our country’s affairs. The release of Kinijit Leaders, respect for the rule of law, freedom of the press and the release of the jailed journalists, human right activists and all prisoners of conscience, the unity of our country and peace and stability should matter to ALL Ethiopians. If these things that matter most do not move us from our silence as Martin Luther King Jr. said we are dead. The great civil rights leader said:” Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Silence is not acceptable! Ethiopia cannot afford the activism of its enemies and the silence of its children.
Ethiopia will prevail! The Almighty God will save Ethiopia. The leaders who are currently languishing in prison will be free. As Dr. Martin Luther King said, “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.
May the Almighty God keeps our Leaders in Kaliti safe!
May the Almighty God bless our beloved Ethiopia!

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