Kinijit delegation to Europe arrived in Germany

By Kinijit Germany

Kinijit European Delegation has arrived in Germany from Switzerland. They drove over 450 Km through the heart of Europe to Germany. After they arrived near the outskits of Frankfurt, large numbers of cheerful Ethiopians have made car chains to escort them from about 50 KM on German Highway to the center of Frankfurt. All cars waived Ethiopian flags with Kinijit stickers on their cars as they moved to the podium where many hundreds of Ethiopians have been waiting to greet the long awaited arrival of the leaders.

Kinijit delegation arrive in Germany [photo: Kinijit Germany]

Many people have emphasized that this has been a very spectacular and heroes’ welcome that no other Ethiopian leader received in the last 30 years. Some people said, it looked like a wedding. Many German citizens gathered wondering what was going on and German news broadcast has transmitted the speech and music ceremony from Frankfurt.

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Dr. Yacob Hailemariam and and Ato Muluneh Eyuel expressed their appreciation for the very warm welcome. Ato Samuel Gugsa (Organizing committee chairman) and Dr, Assefa Nesbu ( KSGG Chairman) have made speeches including clear statements about the solidarty of Ethiopains in Germany with Kinijit movement.

After the ceremony in the city, invited guests and kinijit supporters headed to a dinner party outside Frankfurt which included a documentary Movie of the last 2 years struggle as organized by KSGG (Kinijt support Group Germany).

The leaders were able to witness what Ethiopians have done during the last 2 years to get Ethiopian people’s voices to be heard and to get them released. Videos from demonstrations in Strassbourg, Berlin, Brussels and Frankfurt were the most moving among others.

Itnerary in Germany:

Oct. 8-10, 2007 travel to Berlin to meet with German Govt. Officials. KSGG has organized a meeting wth Dr. Walter Steimeyer, Foreign Minister of Germany in Berlin as well as Parlamentarians.

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Oct. 11: Visit to German Radio Station in Bonn
Oct. 12: Visit of industrialized zones in Germany
Oct. 13: Big Public Meeting and Fund Raising in Frankfurt including delicious Ethiopian Food, Music etc..
Oct. 14: Expected visit to Munich
Oct. 16: Return to Frankfurt.

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