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Kenya Sees Ethiopia as a Model for Fighting Terrorism

Daily Nation
Addis Ababa, 3 December 2014 (WIC) – Kenya’s defunct Special Branch and Ethiopia’s community policing offer great lessons in combating insecurity, a governor said Tuesday.
kenyaMr Ali Roba of Mandera, whose county has suffered frequent terror attacks in recent months, blamed the increased killings on the country’s security system failure.
“Our system has crumbled. It is not enough replacing persons at positions of responsibility. We have a serious problem in the way security is functioning in the country. We should look at what other countries like Ethiopia are doing and what Kenya was under Moi, especially the role of the Special Branch,” said Mr Roba.
In an interview with the Nation, Roba who broke down and wept on seeing the bodies of 36 people killed by Al-Shabaab in Mandera Tuesday, said: “We should borrow the best practices from Ethiopia on how the security system works”.
“We should not be ashamed to seek advice,” he said.
While Mandera and Bulahaawa town in Somalia have suffered frequent terror attacks, Roba noted, neighboring Suftu in Ethiopia has never been raided by terrorists.
“What is it that Ethiopia is doing right that we are not doing. We should openly ask to learn from their community policing concept,” he said.
He said terrorists now plan their acts in remote locations, which the Special Branch could easily access during the Kanu regime.

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