Keep shining ! Gash Mahamud

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Mahmud Ahemed
by  Eduardo Byrono
What a compelling journey toward an international fame!!
Because in those distant years on the darkest streets of Mercato, no one dare to imagine even a bit, that a little shoe shiner boy named Mohamud Ahmed was destine to travel across a thousand miles to greatness.

But he went even further.
Meanwhile, the artistic journey of Artist Mohamud accidentally kicked of one night in the year 1962, right in the club where the profound artist was working as handyman…
Then, Someone out of the blue simply asked him to sing just to cover up the place of a singer who failed to show up for that night only, but it was then, that Mohamud has smartly used the suddenly arrived opportunity, to launch his life long dream of being a musician .
And after all this years, the remarkable artist of all time, has remain still glowing brightly like a brave candle standing undeterred, through an endless journey of entertaining, the world at large.
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  1. Gashe Muhammed is proven true artist with timeless talent and a profound gift to Ethiopia and to the world music lovers.

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