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Keep Hermela Aregawi at CBS LA (Ethiopians in Ethiopia & the Diaspora)

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Hermela Aregawi that goes by the Twitter handle @HermelaTV is a Los Angeles based journalist and TV anchor for CBSLA. Aside from her job at CBSLA, Hermela engages in political discourse on social media regarding the conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region.

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The conflict in Tigray region started on November 4 after rebels from the Tigrayan People Liberations front ( An organization classified as a tier 3 terrorist by Homeland Security https://www.start.umd.edu/gtd/search/Results.aspx?perpetrator=2127 launched a surprise and brutal attack on the Ethiopian National Defense Force and took over the northern command by killing 800 soldiers and kidnapping over 9000 of them.

Ever since the conflict started, social media has been turned into another battleground for narrative for both the terror group sympathizers and the duly elected government supporters. While navigating this volatile space Hermela has caught fire from both sides of the aisle for what each believes as inaccurate reports.

Currently there is a petition circulating among the terror group sympathizers to get Hermela fired from her job for simply doing her job as a journalist, which is to question, analyze, fact check and report.

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We the above signees plead with CBSLA to not be intimidated by mobs of ethnic supremacists and let Hermela excise her First amendment right at her place of work and on social media.

Ethiopians in Ethiopia & the Diaspora



  1. Let’s rally behind our daughter/sister Hermela bint Aregawi for showing us that she is the true incarnate of her great grandpa the great Alula and that fire spitting Taytu. There thousands like her in the very region of Tigray who are forcefully muffled by the guns of the brutes who have been riding on the backs of those upright citizens for more than 45 years now.

  2. Dear Editors,

    Please let this eyal-al-souq know that Zehabesha is not a platform for insolent people like him. He can say whatever he want about me because his mentors know me for decades now that they will never succeed to carve out a territory to call it their fiefdom. But you should not let him insult this dignified and upright daughter/sister of ours. Is your esteemed website surrendering itself to be the platform of those grew up unattended? This has nothing to do with the first amendment but rather the sheer abuse of it. Is Zehabesha is now where upright and dignified patriots like Hermela are going to be denigrated and violated? The outrageous aspect about this it is happening when that gem of the colored and humanity Ethiopia badly needs persons of character like her. Please take down his disgusting remarks posted above. Thank you for your very valuable housekeeping.

  3. Thank you dear editors for showing that potty mouth where the door is. Believe you did not commit an act of censorship but you are doing your due diligence by cleaning up the dirt. As those visionaries told us way back 150 years ago you are proving to us that you are trying to preserve the good and improve on it and expurgate what is destructive and evil since so many among us have refused to mend their ways. These miscreants think/believe their time has come when they will be able to go in and carve out a territory to call it their own fiefdom. For them it is now or bust. These are inciting smart alecks who have the skill to corral the gullible and herd them into their poisoned outfits. These are the worst bigots that country ever produced. They have been fleecing the gullible thru association fees and charity calls facing no independent auditing to date. That is why you see them running around attacking people like rabid dogs. They are a disgrace to my people and to the old country at large. Kudos to you for reminding them they have met their master in the field called Zehabesha!!! Good riddance!!!

  4. Subject: “Keep Hermela Aregawi at CBS LA (Ethiopians in Ethiopia & the Diaspora” OCTOBER 8, 2021

    QUOTE”Currently there is a petition circulating among the terror group sympathizers to get Hermela fired from her job for simply doing her job as a journalist, which is to question, analyze, fact check and report.” UNQUOTE

    Humble Short Commentary, 9 Oct 2021
    Quote … to get Hermela fired from her job…” Unquote

    I am not surprised. That is who we are.
    We can NEVER understand that the Lady has the RIGHT to express her opinion.
    We read the words “Freedom of Expression” but the MEANING thereof never sink into our brains
    Even if we are in the advanced civilized world for hundred years the concept of “Freedom of Expression” will never penetrate through our soul.
    We don’t mean to hurt anyone –but that is what we are >>> insulting each other
    No wonder we are backward in the civilized world
    Go ahead insult me <<< I understand you because I am part of you.
    We don't mean to hurt the person we insult because we are not aware of what we say.!!!!!!!!!!!!
    May the good Allah and Lord [in alphabetical order, please] up in heaven have mercy upon our innocent souls.

  5. She is truly a Journalist. she must get a prize for her respect to the principles of Journalism. Keep on going hermela!!!!

  6. I find it difficult to believe that CBS home of Edward R Morrow, Walter Cronkite, the famous 60 minutes investigating program and many more class journalists I don’t have space or time to mention. A station prides itself with high journalistic standard would even entertain the idea of terminating Ms. Aregawi based on campaign of these unmentionable creatures.

  7. She has the right to her opinion, especially when ruthless TPLF terrorists are causing unimaginable destruction in her home country. The overwhelming majority of Ethiopians admire you for telling the truth and exposing the TPLF. CBS should stand with truth and freedom of speech.

  8. CBS badly exposed itself for evicting this lady, her only crime is to stand with truth you will not be the winner reinstate her to serve the world, she is really the eyes of the world.

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