Jokes by Dr Negeri Lencho that are actually NOT Funny

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Jokes by Dr Negeri Lencho that are actually NOT Funny

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  1. This guy is the little Hailemariam, Mamo-Qilo a copy of Hailemariam. Hey Mr Mamo Qilo, What happened to tens of thousands of Ethiopians who were deported from Saudi Arabia?? Ethiopia under woyane is hell, the people who were deported from Saudi Arabia most of them gone back through the chaos in Yemen, what does this tells you? anything is better than living under woyane. woyanes are opportunistic to make money by selling their mothers. They create terrorists to get foreign aid from America, believe me, there will be peace in the horn of Africa if Woyanes disappeared. The problem in south Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea, dividing Ethiopians, all caused by woyanes. Even Eritrea is smart, refused to accept deportees from Europe because the remittance benefit the country economy more than export. By the way, Egypt is coming to get woyane, Trump has given green light to Egypt, already Egypt is controlling south Sudan, north Sudanese are always close family to Egypt any moment turn their back on Woyane.

  2. All Ethiopians hate Ethiopian government, except your bodies the corrupts. you know that the whole world know what Ethiopian government is doing. Please be a human being for the sake of God.

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