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Join Andinet (UDJ) Media Teleconfernce Meeting – ANAASO

On December 28, 2014 at 2PM, ANAASO PR / Organizational committee is holding a press and media conference aiming to uncover UDJ’s current activities and the upcoming 2007 national election.  The press conference will be interactive between UDJ leaders and the media. Two top UDJ leaders: Ato Belay Fekadu (President) and Ato Tekle Bekele( first vice president) are the invited UDJ officials representing the party.
We cordially invited all diaspora Ethiopians to participate in the press conference. We hope you will able to attend the press conference and listen to the activities and future plan of the party. Below is the conference dial number.
Line #1: (857) 216 6700; pass code 478975
Line#2: (712) 775 7085; pass code 767490
Organize for Change!!
Andinet North America Association of Support Organizations (ANAASO)

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